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Two Teams Clash in Order to Be the Best in Sumo – Hinomaru Sumo Anime Episode 8 Review

Ep-8 – Yuma on the Assault

Hinomaru Sumo (a.k.a. Hinomaruzumou) anime episode 8 dropped November 24, 2018, on Japanese television as well as getting broadcast online at the Crunchyroll website, which means the release date for this episode might be different in other time zones. In this anime episode, I realized that the two sumo wrestling teams who are clashing with each other have the same goal, and that is to be the best in sumo for their respective high school sumo clubs.

I bet that anyone who watches anime episode 8 of Hinomaru Sumo will root for the Odachi High Sumo Team, but the plot might make you really empathize for the Ishigami High Sumo Team even though I question two of its members. The characters on both sides seem to have intriguing stories, the tone may keep you on the edge of your seat, the themes may keep you inspired, and the animation and sound is average, but still enjoyable to watch. I wonder which team has the most heart in order to be the best in sumo?



Ep-8 – Chihiro Victorious against Araki

After an obvious victory for Kunisaki Chihiro against Araki Gennosuke in a sumo bout of the prelims at the end of episode 7 of Hinomaru Sumo, both sumo teams of Odachi High and Ishigami High now have one loss and one win. The next two challengers that get matched up on each team are Gojou Yuma versus Kanamori Tsuyoshi, then Ozeki Shinya versus Sanada Yuuki. The challengers in these matchups have the same goal and the same heart to help their teams win, so that one of these teams will one day be the best in sumo of Japan.


Character Setup

Ep-8 – Sanada Versus OzekiAraki is completely shocked in his loss against Chihiro, but he soon learns that he does have support from his other teammates. Likewise, for the Odachi team, Chihiro was basically supporting Kei by making up for his loss in the match against Mamiya from the last episode.

Sometime before the prelims had started, maybe a month ago, Yuma received some special training that he begged for and picked up a few techniques that he used in his match against Kanamori. His life as a delinquent at Odachi almost cost him that training, but he found a way to repent for his high school gang life.

Kanamori was someone that once had problems in his high school as well, and life as a sumo wrestler in high school was not easy for him. Now that he’s made it through the horrible conditions of his past in high school, he will try to do everything he can to make his sumo team the best in Japan.

Both Ozeki and Sanada had trouble with delinquents in high school, but Sanada was someone who took the offensive against those delinquents at his high school, aside from Ozeki who took the defensive approach at his high school. As these two characters were sumo wrestling each other, they realized they were kind of cut from the same cloth in terms of sumo skills.

Hinomaru (a.k.a. Onimaru Kunitsuna) was more of support for his teammates that participated in their respective matches, but the end of this episode set him up to sumo wrestle Sada Mizuki (a.k.a. Mikazuki Munechika) in the next episode.


Tone & Themes

Ep-8 – Odachi Team ExcitedThe tone of this episode was not only intense, but it was also inspiring as well. Based on a few of the characters stories from both teams in this episode, I empathize with them because of how rough it was for them to get to this point in sumo wrestling.

I’m just so inspired by their individual backstories with how hard they worked through tough times in high school and their path to redemption. I also feel bad for the Ishigami team if they lose, especially with how they struggled so hard, but at the end of the day I want the Odachi team to win.

Yuma’s character arc showed a theme about becoming a better person, and the hard things you must do in order to prove that you’ve changed. With Kanamori’s backstory, it’s basically telling the audience that many years of experience in a certain discipline triumphs over no experience at all in that same discipline.

And some backstory with Sanada that also included Ozeki was about two ways you can fight to exercise what you love, either by fighting with your fists to maintain what you love or fight by doing things peacefully to maintain what you love. No matter how hard things were, Ozeki never had to be violent to do what he loved to do.


Animation & Sound

Ep-8 – Hinomaru Supporting His TeammatesAll I can say about the animation is that it was average, but still nice to look at. Sometimes the animation can be above average in this series, but not so much in this episode. The sumo ring still looks awesome and I’m fairly entertained by the characters fighting. The timing was also good in certain situations such as in a scene when one moment it’s not raining and then the next it is raining, which was a device used to show how the mood has changed.

I think the music is still not the greatest, but the right soundtrack is always used to set the right mood. Everything sounds good with the sound effects of characters movements, and they use other interesting sound effects for whenever a characters train of thought changes such as being surprised or coming to a realization of something. The voice acting in this episode is great, although, sometimes it can be generic, but most of the time the voice actors put their all into their performances.


Hinomaru Sumo Anime Episode 8 – Final Thoughts

Ep-8 – Hinomaru Is up NextThis episode was very character driven and it never hindered the excellent fighting involving sumo wrestling. The characters that were the focus of this episode were Yuma, Ozeki, Kanamori, and Sanada. I was amazed at how much these characters stories were similar or intertwined with each other, especially when two of these characters for each team were opponents.

The plot of this episode balanced the characters storylines well with the sumo wrestling. I think the tone of this episode also help to make you care more for the characters and the themes set up in this episode are very inspirational. The animation and sound is still average like I said before, but they use these elements perfectly well to make everything look and sound awesome enough.

I give this episode a score of 8.5 out of 10.

Please let me anything about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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