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Tsuji Has the Qualifications of a Coach – Hinomaru Sumo Episodes 4 & 5 Review

Ep-4 – Tsuji Proving a Point to Hinomaru

Hinomaru Sumo episode 4 and episode 5 released on Japanese television on October 27, 2018, and November 3, 2018, respectively. Episodes 4 and 5 were also broadcast online at Crunchyroll. In these two episode, it appears that the Odachi High Sumo Club manager has the qualifications of a coach.

The plot of these two episodes, mostly in episode 4, are so relatable to me. Every character in this Sumo Club got some kind of development, especially with Tsuji having the qualifications of a coach for the Sumo Club. The tone & themes were inspirational in both episodes, and the cinematography in these episodes was good as well. Brace yourselves because I am going to give my honest review of these awesome episodes down below.



Ep-4 – Tsuji is a True CoachFirst, in episode 4, the Odachi High Sumo Club get into some unorthodox training. Then they go back to the dojo to understand what areas each member of the club must improve. Some members are concerned about a few things, but those concerns get resolved by Tsuji. Afterwards, in episode 5, the two strongest members of the Sumo Club end up elsewhere to train, while the other three go to the Ishigami High Sumo Club to train.



Character Setup

Through Tsuji’s mentoring, Kei is shockingly able to hold his own against Yuma, Chihiro, and Ozeki. Yuma needs to improve on his slaps, Chihiro needs to improve on keeping his feet flat on the ground, and Ozeki needs to improve on his upper body strength. In episode 5, Yuma, Kei, Ozeki, Reina, and Tsuji go to the Ishigami High Sumo Club to help three of Odachi High Sumo Club members to practice. Ep-5 – Mikazuki Munechika

At Ishigami High, four new characters are introduced, one of them have a national treasure moniker known as Mikazuki Munechika. Mikazuki Munechika, real name Mizuki Sada, seemed like a nice person at first, but he’s the type of guy who toys around with weaker opponents in a sumo match. During their bouts with Mimiya and Mizuki, Yuma and Ozeki are surprised how much they have improved from their special training.

Chihiro failed his midterm exam and needed to take a remedial class, which is why he wasn’t with the rest of Odachi club members to practice at Ishigami High. But he does get to fight in a match with Gennosuke Araki, another new character, who also has the same dream as Chihiro to be the best mixed martial artist in the world.

Hinomaru is a special case because Tsuji wants him to improve on a new three combo technique. So Hinomaru goes to the Shibakiyama Stable, where many sumo pros reside, which means Hinomaru will face some strong sparring partners to improve on his new technique he learned from Tsuji.

Based on what I described above, it shows that Tsuji perfectly has the qualifications of a coach.


Tone & Themes

Ep-5 – Mikazuki Munechika Towering AuraThe tone was not too overly serious because it was about giving hope for characters in a seemingly impossible situation. It does get a little sad to find out a secret about the character Tsuji, but he finds a way to push through it and thinks positive about what he can do.

the main theme of episode 4 was about having trust in those who support you as well as your dreams. And the main theme in episode 5 was about playing to your strengths, and you will eventually get favorable results.


Animation & Sound

The art and animation in episode 4 was mostly perfect. It played an important role for showcasing the emotional moments and the intensity of the fights, especially for the sumo match between Hinomaru and Tsuji. Ep-4 – Three Combo Technique from Tsuji

They used the right sound effects of grappling, throwing, stomps, and many other sounds you would hear in wrestling, and there’s never a problem with the music in this episode. I also believe the voice actors brought some emotional weight to the characters.

Now, the art and animation in episode 5 was almost as good as episode 4, but there were a lot more noticeable problems with the art. I think the problem stems from the fact that the plot of episode 5 was not all that impressive, so the animators did not feel the motivation to animate the episode properly.

I can definitely tell that they did not put enough effort in the animation during long camera shots and sometimes medium camera shots. But they did seem to only put more attention to detail during close-up camera shots, which are the easiest parts to animate.

The sound effects, music, and voice acting was fine, it’s just that the issue was with the animation in certain scenes.


Hinomaru Sumo Ep. 4 & 5 – Final Thoughts

Ep-5 – Hinomaru at the Shibakiyama StableI enjoyed episode 4 more than episode 5, but there are redeemable qualities of episode 5. I suppose I like episode 4 for the emotional weight it brought to the table. I guess the animators liked episode 4 as well because they put so much effort into animating it great, unlike episode 5.

Episode 5 was really just a set up episode and progressing the story further. I did like that episode 5 gave us new characters and a display of how much a couple of the Odachi High Sumo Club members improved on their different style of sumo.

They didn’t show if Chihiro improved with his sumo, but he did get to fight someone who has the same goal as him. It was interesting to see that Hinomaru did not get a lot of screen time, but I believe that was a good thing in order to give his other teammates more time to develop.

I think it might give episode 4 a score of 9.25 out of 10, and episode 5 a score of 6.5 out of 10.

If you have anything to say about my review or the episode, then please let me know in the comments down below.



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