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The Unofficial First Weekend of Spring Anime – 2019’s Weekend Anime Bundle Review #3

Kirito Is Worried That Eugeo Is Biting More Than He Can Chew

Between March 24 and March 25 of 2019 marks the first spring weekend for anime. My attempt is to review only the series I watched during these dates and give you my opinion of which episode was the best.

I’m not caught up on certain series, so the only two anime series I could review from this past weekend are One Piece, and SAO season 3. My attempt is to briefly summarize my thoughts on their episodes as well as talk about which had the best plot and character, and which had the best cinematography in the paragraphs that follow.


One Piece Episode 877

A Favor from Pudding to SanjiThe Straw Hat Pirate crew make their way out of Big Mom’s territory while Germa 66 and the Fishman Pirates stall the Big Mom Pirates. Sanji has an emotional moment with Carrot, the Straw Hats hope the Fishman Pirates make it out safe, we find out the favor Pudding asked of Sanji, and a secret is revealed between Brulee and Katakuri.

In this episode you can find moments that were either emotional, sorrowful, cheerful, intense, or slightly desperate. There are several themes within this episode, but one theme I like the most is how sacrifices are worth it in order to maintain the greater good. The art and animation was good for the tone of this episode or One Piece in general, although, the musical numbers were a bit annoying to be honest.


Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 23

Cardinal Stands up to the Administrator QuinellaCardinal decides to come out of hiding to fight the evil Administrator Quinella and her new weapon that disturbs the likes of Cardinal, Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice. Quinella sick sense of reality goes to another level, Cardinal makes a tough decision to save her friends, Eugeo discovers his true calling, and Kirito as well as Alice are basically spectators in this episode.

I was on edge throughout the entire episode and they definitely exaggerate the shock value when certain things came to the surface. One theme I liked in this episode is that those you have lost still support you because they affect the person you are in the present. There is symbolism in the art such as Eugeo being encased in a cross shaped like coffin, I like the following shot of a living sword flying through the air, and the voice acting was sometimes exaggerated but it wasn’t too bad.


Which Episode Had the Best Plot and Character?

Katakuri BeginsObviously SAO season 3 episode 23 had the better plot and character this week because the series has always been consistently great with plot, well, mostly when referring to season 3. There was just so many gears in motion such as how Cardinal stands up to Quinella and Eugeo literally transforming to be able to fight as well.

Sometimes One Piece has great episodes, but the plot and character for this week’s episode was definitely the weakest. It had character development for Katakuri and story progression by having the Straw Hats finally leave Big Mom’s territory, but it was close to be a throwaway episode.


Which Episode Had the Best Cinematography (that includes tone and theme)?

Quinella's Demented New WeaponOne Piece episode 877 shifted in tone many times while still maintaining a mostly lighthearted episode, and I like the theme of having faith in someone even if it kills you. The Whole Cake Island arc has had great art and animation, and that’s definitely the case for episode 877, but I still don’t put it in the top 15 or 20 One Piece episodes having great picture quality.

The truth of the matter is that One Piece can never be at the level of cinematography that SAO has. With SAO season 3 episode 23, they don’t mess around with the tone because of its edginess and it holds your attention from an extremely intense narrative. I like how it’s emphasized that once people are gone, their strong connection to you should give you the will to continue moving forward. The only gripe I have with this episode are the random power ups and how exaggeratedly expressive the characters were which can be perceived as an overuse of anime clichés.


Final Thoughts for 2019’s Weekend Anime Bundle Review #3

A Bond between Sanji and ZeffThe recent episodes of One Piece and SAO are not the series to officially start the spring anime season of 2019. We got a couple of weeks before a series comes along to start the spring season.

I actually hate how unfair this competition is between One Piece episode 877 and SAO season 3 episode 23 because SAO always has the most compelling stories, actual character development, and beautiful cinematography. One Piece does experiment with different art styles, which the recent episode kind of did, but it’s never enough to meet the standards of an anime series such as SAO.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about my reviews or the episodes down in the comment section below.

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