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The Unofficial First Week of the Spring Anime Season – 2019’s Weekly Anime Bundle Review #6

Boogiepop Preaches the Truth to Sakiko

Spring basically started Wednesday, March 20, but the spring anime season has yet to begin which means this week were in the straggler phase of series that have a couple anime episodes left or series that will continue all throughout spring. Right here in this anime bundle review, I will review and rank only the anime episodes I watched that premiered between March 18 and March 22 of 2019.

The anime episodes included in this post are down below as follows, so let’s just get started shall we.


#1 Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 11

Shigeo Versus ShimazakiSho fights his father and the psychic group led by Reigan stalls Shimazaki long enough until Shigeo arrives to finally end this psychic war. Ritsu, Teruki, and the former 7th Division Scars have the best teamwork fighting against maybe one of the strongest of the Ultimate 5. It’s apparent that Sho has difference of opinions with the way his father chose to live his life, and Shigeo learns that he has to be hard on people when taking on certain responsibilities.

This episode displayed intensity, intimidation, and drama, but of course not without a little comical relief. A theme that struck me in this episode is how being gifted with special abilities doesn’t make you the best in everything. There was a lot going on with the cinematography that it was hard to process, but I will say it was more astronomical than last week’s episode.


#2 The Promised Neverland Episode 11

Emma Ignites Her Plan to Escape Grace Field HouseEmma still hasn’t given up on escaping the farm with the kids, and she’s actually had a secret plan the past two months, but this escape doesn’t come without a cost. This episode shows what Emma is really capable of as a character, Ray takes drastic measures, and is very surprising of who is involved in this escape.

In terms of tone, every moment of this episode was tense and shocking as well as emotional in certain scenes. There are many themes that can be taken from this episode such as never underestimating those close to you, never give up on finding solutions to your problems, and always plan several steps ahead of your enemies. The animation with fire looked very realistic, I liked how the timing of certain scenes through me off, and a music soundtrack when Ray does something drastic was chilling.


#3 Reincarnated as a Slime Extra Episode 24

The Rising of the Black ProgenitorYears before Rimuru got reincarnated as a slime, Shizu gets a request from the Kingdom of Filtwood to help them vanquish a powerful demon summoned near their territory. Here, Shizu is at the height of her reputation as the Conqueror of Flames, and it doesn’t seem like she’s a teacher of Freedom Academy yet. There are a couple characters that get introduce in this episode, and they may reappear in future seasons of the series.

The episode was very dark, violent, and horrific showing how cruel Shizu’s earlier days were. I noticed the theme of the episode is that people are not always who they seem to be and hide behind a mask. I like how the episode starts out black and white with only the color red standing out, an underground chamber decorated by bones looked creepy, a demon calling himself Kuro had a sleek design, and the action was well choreographed.


#4 Boogiepop and Others Episode 17

Teratsuki Kyouichirou's Final MessageThe Moon Temple situation still has certain people lost while others, specifically Boogiepop, are on the verge of finding answers. The characters do receive well needed progression of who they are or what they must do, more so than the last episode.

I can describe this episode as being philosophical, creepy, tense, mysterious, and having extreme graphic violence for one instance. There is one theme I liked in this episode which is how the pain of loss shows that you truly cared for someone and that’s all that matters.

The animation in one particular scene looked very inconsistent, but other than that most of the cinematography was solid such as the color of the Moon Temple morphing to black, the messy blood splatter from a murder, and there was a lot of emotional weight behind the voice acting.


#5 The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 11

Naofumi and Raphtalia Are Surprised to See a Familiar FaceThe Shield Hero and his companions protect a village from the wave, but Naofumi soon learns that the other three cardinal heroes are hardly working as a team to take down the root cause of the wave. Naofumi shows character development such as trusting to fight alongside other people besides Raphtalia and Filo, but the other three cardinal heroes are still recklessly believing they are playing a video game.

The episode starts out lighthearted, but as the story progresses the atmosphere becomes more anxious and dangerous on the battlefield during the wave. I see that the theme of the episode shows how bickering among team members and not having a cool head can make the organization of a team completely fall apart.

The animation during the wave showed that these characters were actually in a war zone, I liked the look of ancient decaying floating ship carried by a tentacled creature, Naofumi’s brand-new and devastating attack of a spike coffin was godly, and the English voice actors gave their all but once again the Japanese voice actors had a much better flow with their performances.


#6 Dororo Episode 11

Hyakkimaru Unknowingly Cross Paths with His BrotherDororo and Hyakkimaru are rewarded for defeating the lake monster, and the two head to a rich province ruled by Daigo Kagematsu. After hearing a story about Banmon, Dororo and Hyakkimaru check to see if this is a job for them to handle. This episode is just the start of important characters finally crossing paths and leading them to find answers.

When it comes to tone in this episode, all I can say is I felt tense, shocked, and glad at the same time about certain characters coming into contact with each other. There are two significant themes in this episode which one is about how people sometimes have to reap what they sow, and the other is that the truth cannot be hidden forever.

The cinematography shines when you can feel Hyakkimaru’s non-existing eyes looking straight through Tahomaru and you can tell that a woman has been crying because of the dried black eyeliner running down her cheeks, although, there was a dull moment when an unfit soundtrack plays at the end of the episode which sounded like something from a Japanese soap opera.


Final Thoughts for 2019’s Weekly Anime Bundle Review #6

The Powerful Evil Spirit Mogami ReturnsEvery episode I ranked above are all the best episodes I’ve seen ever since I started this anime bundle review series on Otaku Review Zone. Like I said above, the winter anime season has basically ended and now were in the spring anime season, unofficially though. In a couple weeks we should be getting a new anime series that will jump start the spring anime season officially.

Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 11 had to be ranked #1 because the story, characters, tone & themes, and cinematography were simply off the charts. The character motivations and themes shine in The Promised Neverland Episode 11, including the intense animation, which is why it’s ranked at #2 on this post. Seriously Reincarnated as a Slime extra episode 24 surprised me because the tone was so beastly and the characters were bad ass, which is why I ranked this episode at #3.

The anime episode ranked at #4 was Boogiepop and Others episode 17, and that’s only because of its deep and emotional storytelling along with a great amount of character development. The Rising of the Shield Hero episode 11 was mesmerizing, powerful, and included good character development, but I ranked it at #5 because it wasn’t quite on par with Boogiepop’s episode. Dororo episode 11 was an interesting episode, but it was just set up for the next episode, which is why I ranked it at #6.

Please let me know what you thought about my review and rankings or the episodes down in the comment section below.

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