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The Two Most Watched Anime Episodes on My Weekend Radar – 2019’s Weekend Anime Bundle Review #2

Big Moms Song of Terror for the Straw Hats

I want to give my anime bundle review of a couple anime series with new anime episodes that were released between March 2 and March 3 of 2019. The series I’m reviewing for this weekend’s anime bundle review are One Piece and Sword Art Online: Alicization. Since there are only two series for this anime bundle review, I will decide which of the two anime episodes had the best episode in my concluding paragraph.

Just to be clear, I clumped the anime episodes together in each of the main headings below for explaining the plot, character, tone & themes, and cinematography. I also put subheadings to help you differentiate which episodes I’m giving for my detailed explanations.



One Piece Episode 875

Big Mom finally eats the cake that she’s hungered for since the tea party and the Sun Pirates assists the Straw Hats in their escape from Totto Land. Also, Germa 66 continue fighting the Big Mom Pirates at Cacao Island.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 20

Kirito and Alice now on the same side finally make it back into the Axiom Church, and to their shock find Bercouli turned to stone. As they make their way up to the top of the church, they run into unexpected trouble with an unknown Integrity Knight.

Bercouli Still Sees and Speaks While Petrified JD



One Piece Episode 875

The Sun Pirates help the Straw Hats escape Totto Land because the Straw Hats as well as Jimbei are saviors of Fishman Island, and Big Mom’s hunger pangs should end as a result of eating Sanji’s cake. For side storylines, it seems that Germa 66 really are trying to take down the Big Mom pirates for good, Chiffon puts herself in danger by waiting to see Big Mom’s reaction from eating the cake, and Pudding knows who should really be praised for making the cake.

The Starving Big Mom Finally Gets Her Wedding Cake

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 20

At this point in the story Kirito and Alice are now comrades willing to take down the Pontifex and make some changes to the Human Empire. It’s interesting to see Alice show sadness and anger after seeing Bercouli turned to stone, but she still doesn’t have all her memories back. The real challenge for Kirito is that he has to fight someone he never thought he’d face in a life or death battle.


Tone & Themes

One Piece Episode 875

There is a lot of intense action, the Sun Pirates created a hopeful moment, there is a build of suspense when Big Mom eats the cake, and the way Big Mom shows her joyfulness turns out to be disturbing. The theme of this episode is that allies or friends can arrive at short notice to get you out of a binding situation.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 20

The beginning of the episode got to show its side of humor in one small scene, but then the tone shifts to being serious, creepy, and just plain disturbing. Also, the theme of this episode is that a revolution will always be unleashed and grow among a system of oppression.

Alice Stabs Prime Senator Chudelkin



One Piece Episode 875

The art and animation was good for important scenes or characters such as Big Mom’s musical number where she’s singing about sweets and death. I noticed how the lighting changed in a particular scene from cool colors to warm colors to express Oven’s rage as well as his ability to heat things up. The music was the best part of the episode such as the intimidating music during Big Mom’s hunger pangs and the creepy song used at the end of the episode during Big Mom’s musical number.

Germa 66 Fights the Fusion of Charlotte Decuplets

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 20

I can’t complain about the cinematography in this SAO episode because it was completely flawless. There was a lot of depth to the art and animation such as the intricate cracks from Bercouli’s petrified face and the cartoonish expressions of the Prime Senator. Most of the episode played subtle soundtracks, which match the quiet atmosphere of the entire episode.


Final Thoughts for 2019’s Weekend Anime Bundle Review #2

The number of episodes I’m reviewing for this past weekend is a bit short, but that’s okay because it just gives me more to discuss. One Piece episode 875 and SAO: Alicization episode 20 were magnificent episodes to watch from the weekend, but only one of these will be number one.

The anime episode to be #1 has to come down to the recent SAO episode for its more compelling plot and having the most character development. Another reason why I chose this episode to be #1 is for its strong theme of rebellion and for its complex art and animation.

Eugeo and Kirito Fight Each Other

The recent One Piece episode has to be at the #2 spot partly because there is no other anime episode competing with it on this post, besides SAO. Though, One Piece episode 875 would still be in the top 3 if there were other anime series I watch on the weekend. I will say that the recent episode of One Piece may have had a weaker plot and character compared to the recent SAO episode, but the cinematography is one of the best I’ve seen ever in the One Piece series.

Please let me know down in the comment section below what you thought about my anime bundle review and the rankings I gave for each episode.

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