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The Story Perspective of Captain Dragunov – Radiant Anime Episode 9 Review

Ep-9 Dragunov and His Troops

Radiant anime episode 9 dropped December 1, 2018, on Japanese television. The anime episode can also be streamed online at Crunchyroll. If you want an episode of Radiant that focuses on characterization for Dragunov, then this is the episode for you.

The plot of this anime episode for Radiant may have been slow, but it gave the story sometime to develop other characters besides the main character. There are small breadcrumbs of what is occurring with the main character, but the focus of this episode is on the character of Dragunov and troops.

For the most part, the tone was just fun, and it teaches the audience that there can be good or bad anywhere. I like what they did with the cinematography such as with certain transitions and camera shots.



Ep-9 – Inquisition Troop Skeptical about Captain DragunovRadiant episode 9 follows the Inquisition group led by Captain Dragunov. Captain Dragunov leads his Inquisition group in a very peculiar manner, and at least one member of this group is disappointed. When they receive a distress signal from another Inquisition group that were attacked by a Nemesis, Dragunov and his men immediately head to the area.

The leader of this other Inquisition group is known as Captain Edmund, and they seem to have captured a large group of sorcerers. In order to bring these prisoners back to headquarters, Dragunov sends his men to repair Edmund and his crew’s ship. After completing the repairs, a large Nemesis appears, but it is actually headed toward a small village. Dragunov and his men hunt down the Nemesis even if it kills them. By the end of the episode, some shady activities get revealed, but that’s all I can say about the end of the episode.


Character Setup

Ep-9 – The Coward Captain EdmundI already mentioned that Captain Dragunov has a very peculiar way of leading his Inquisition troops. He was goofing around trying to catch sky fish to eat for dinner, and he does things that seem to go against protocol as being a captain. But he does show that he’s no coward when he goes to battle a giant Nemesis that looked impossible to defeat. Dragunov did not want an innocent village to be destroyed by the Nemesis, so he is a person that believes in protecting the weak.

One of Dragunov’s troops were having doubts about him because of the strange things he does for his troops. This skeptical troop member was contemplating being reassigned to another Inquisition group. The way that Dragunov went to go battle a giant Nemesis, protects the innocent, and takes care of his troops made the skeptical troop member have a change of heart.

Captain Edmund on the other hand was a tyrant and a coward. He doesn’t care if other people get hurt, and he only cares about his own safety. Captain Edmund will commit any crime to get ahead in the ranks of the Inquisition.

Some other things occurred with the main character, and he learned that not all the Inquisition contained bad human beings.


Tone & Themes

Ep-9 – Suspected Sorcerers ImprisonedThe tone of this episode had mostly fun aspects to it. Captain Dragunov doesn’t take himself too seriously when it comes to leading his troops. In fact, he is a very fair Captain who treats his troops with respect.

The tone becomes more dramatic when a Nemesis appears and head towards a village. Captain Edmund disgusted me when he said he doesn’t care if the Nemesis destroys that village, however, Captain Dragunov was on the opposite end of the spectrum and he could not allow the village be destroyed, so that made me glad that Dragunov isn’t a despicable person.

The episode ends with a joke, and if you watch this series thus far, then you probably know who’s at the center of the joke.

The main theme of this is that there are good people and bad people on different side of things. For instance, both the sorcerers and the Inquisition either have good people or bad people. The point is people are not exact clones of each other and they don’t do things the same exact way because everyone is different.


Animation & Sound

Ep-9 – Dragunov of the "Lynx Eye"

The fact of the matter is that the animation was above average. They have some good transitions showing the passage of time and the change of location. There are a lot of extreme close-ups of Dragunov’s working eye, but I like it because the Inquisition always refers to Dragunov as the “Lynx Eye.” I also like shots of the different dishes of cuisine that looked like it tastes good.

The music was also slightly above average, especially when a certain soundtrack is playing when a mysterious figure is revealed by the end of the episode. Lastly, the sound effects and voice acting was perfectly solid throughout the entire episode.


Radiant Anime Episode 9 – Final Thoughts

Ep-9 – Mysterious FigureI like this episode for how it gives us the perspective of Captain Dragunov and his Inquisition group. This episode teaches a valuable lesson of how not to categorize certain people as having the same behavior or personality as each other, because people are always going to have different ideologies and habits, and this is a lesson that should be taught in the real world. Still, I want the story to progress a bit further to where we see the main character in the field fighting the Nemesis, so we can see if his training actually paid off.

I got to say that this was a very interesting and inspiring episode. The characterization of Dragunov was greatly displayed, and the corrupt Edmund was a great counter to Dragunov’s righteousness. This was a very fun episode and the valuable lessons it teaches are important in the real world. As always, the anime cinematography was above average in this episode and the art style should definitely be appreciated more.

Based on my analysis for episode 9, I will give it a score of 8 out of 10.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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