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The Prophecy Fulfilled for the Destined Pair – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Episode 8 Review

Ep-8 – Mask Used to Control Ifrit

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime episode 8 dropped November 20, 2018, on Japanese television as well as being broadcast on the Crunchyroll website. The two characters Rimuru and Shizu were predicted to be together by an elf from the city Dwargon, and the prophecy fulfilled that destiny in this anime episode.

The plot of this anime episode was very touching and the characters were extremely essential in creating this fantastic plot. Plus, the uniqueness of how the prophecy fulfilled two characters to be together was just great writing. This episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime made me a little sad, but happy at the same time, and the themes were powerful. The animation was spectacular as always and the sound work brought great emotional depth to the animation.



Ep-8 – The Hero
The aftermath of Rimuru saving Shizu from the evil spirit Ifrit has put Shizu in a sickened state in this episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. While Rimuru tries to nurse her back to health, Shizu reveals more of her past and about her intentions with finding the man who summoned her. Rimuru finds a solution to Shizu’s situation to sort of keep her alive in such a remarkably complex manner, which in turn the prophecy fulfilled their future together, and the prophecy that I’m referring to was a prediction made by an elf in episode 5 about Rimuru meeting the person he is destined to be with.


Character Setup

Ep-8 – Shizu Reveals Her pastThe character Shizu was mainly the focus of this episode, and she speaks more about the roller coaster of her past. She may have had a horrible life, but she was able to find some amount of happiness during her long life.

The lives of the three danger prone adventurers were also greatly affected by Shizu being a part of their group for the short time that she was with them. They will always be thankful for the things Shizu has done for them and her just being a part of their party.

Shizu made a crucial decision that will be very important to the main character and how the narrative of the story will inevitably play out.


Tone & Themes

Ep-8 – Kid Shizu Hugging Her MomI was a little sad for the character Shizu and the terrible things that have happened to her, but I was mostly glad she found peace with the help of Rimuru. So I gotta say this was a bittersweet episode, more so sweet. This episode was really good even though it was mostly dialogued heavy, and there was not really much action or dark themes.

The main theme, which is the title “Inherited Will” for this episode, is about passing your will over to another individual who proudly accepts. In a sense, the main character Rimuru in his own way is keeping the legacy or memory of Shizu alive so she is not forgotten.


Animation & Sound

Ep-8 – Shizu, Eren, Kaval, & GidoThe animation was of course in good quality, but it wasn’t as spectacular as last week’s episode because this episode was more so dialogue driven telling the story of Shizu’s past. I like the gray hue they used as they were showing Shizu’s backstory even though the animators use the same style in any episode that includes a memory or flashback, but it was more apparent in this episode.

The music fit the bittersweet mood of the episode, there were no errors with sound effects, and the voice actors, especially the voice actor for Shizu, brought a lot of heart and emotion to their characters.


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Episode 7 – Final Thoughts

Ep-8 – Three Danger Prone AdventurersThis episode was not really action heavy, but the producers of this episode focused more of their attention on giving the audience great dialogue along with well animated flashback sequences. There was a big change that happened to the main character that I myself and probably many audiences were waiting for. Honestly, I was a little annoyed that we did not get to this change sooner, but I realize now that the buildup was important for the series get to this point.

This episode was written well and had a lot of emotional weight behind it. I like the theme of someone passing there will over to someone they trust. The animation and sound was good enough for a dialogue heavy episode. Shizu and Rimuru may have been the focus of this episode, but there was also enough screen time for important supporting characters.

I give this episode a score of 10/10, and I gave it that score for the well-written plot and how much the main character has changed which will affect the story in a very positive way.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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