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The Making of a Wizard with True Strength – Radiant Episodes 2 & 3 Review

Seth & Other Characters

Radiant episode 2 was released on October 13, 2018, and episode 3 was released on October 20, 2018, in Japan as well as being broadcast on Crunchyroll with subtitles. The making of a wizard to really save his world begins in these two episodes of Radiant.

We get a glimpse of Seth’s true power including his mysterious past with Alma. Based on these two episodes, I see that this is the making of a wizard who will become a powerful infected to gain acceptance from the non-infected. In this review, I will cover episodes 2 and 3, and discuss their plot, character development, the way I felt watching these episodes, and how well these episodes were animated.


In episode 2, a band of wizards known as The Bravery Quartet make their entrance and save Seth. The group of wizards allows an eager Seth to take out the nemesis, but Seth eventually regrets taking on the nemesis by himself. After some villagers get in danger, it’s up to Seth to save them, and the making of a wizard with incredible powers is nigh.

In episode 3, Alma helps Seth deal with the nemesis. This episode reveals the past of how Alma and Seth met. By the end of the episode, Seth begins his daring adventure to defeat all the nemesis.

Character Setup

Ep-2 & 3 – Seth
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The Bravery Quartet are nemesis hunters that seemingly save islands from nemesis threats. I can’t tell you everything about The Bravery Quartet because that would be going into spoiler territory.

Seth and Alma’s past are revealed in a flashback. It seems that Alma has loss her memories and she ends up taking care of a child she knows nothing about. After years of Alma being like a mother to Seth, she knew that the day would come where she had to let Seth go so he could explore the world and achieve his goals.

Tone & Themes


Ep-2 & 3 – Seth-2
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The tone of episode 2 has some moments with action, but mostly when Seth was fighting the nemesis. There were comedic moments throughout the episode, but the tone quickly becomes more serious by the end of the episode. The theme that stood out the most in episode 2 was that you should protect people even if they treat you like the enemy.

The tone is mostly serious in episode 3, and there is no action at all in this episode. Alma was desperately trying to find out who she was and why was she protecting the young Seth. A heartwarming moment is shown by the end of the episode, when Alma let Seth go on an adventure to save the world. It was like a mother letting her child go out into a dangerous world and become independent.

Animation & Sound

Ep-2 & 3 – Seth-3
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The animation in episode 2 was directed very well when Seth was being chased by a nemesis. I like the sparkling glow whenever the wizards and the nemesis charge up their fantasia magic. The animation was incredible when Seth was deflecting a powerful blast from the nemesis.

In episode 3, the animation during the flashback scene had visually stunning backdrops of the few areas that Alma and Seth visited. I also like the snowy region that Alma and Seth had settled for a short time. Another thing that was animated well depicted the passage of time with the clouds and sky surrounding the floating home during Alma and Seth journey around the world.

Lastly, the sound coming from the action and the music was placed in the right scenes and moments. The voice acting was performed the way it needed to be, and even though I don’t like the choice of voice actor for Seth, I did like the emotion the voice actor brought to the character when Seth left Alma.

Radiant Episode 2 & 3 – Final Thoughts

I believe episodes 2 and 3 was just the start of something great. The animation was clean, the atmosphere wasn’t dark, but still maintains that there is a real threat in this world, the characters of Seth and Alma are very interesting, and the storytelling was solid.

This series is in no way a bad anime because there are no flaws with the way this world is set up and the main character has his own individuality that sets himself apart from main characters in other shonen series. I have faith that this series will turn out great for fall 2018, and a lot of audiences should give Radiant a chance.

Please send your comments down below of what you think of this review or the episode if you watched it.


Mela-chan. ラディアン – フランスの漫画 (top image of page).

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