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The Launch of My Weekend Anime Ranking System – Anime Bundle Review for February 9-10 of 2019

Wild Sulong Pekoms

This post is the beginning of something new on my website where I will review and rank weekend anime bundle of episodes, and the rankings are decided based on my observations and opinions of the episodes. I am only doing this type of anime bundle review for action weekend anime series (series I’m behind on won’t be included), although, exceptions may be made as long as it’s not something like a romance or slice of life series.

Today, I will give my anime bundle review for weekend anime episodes that premiered February 9-10 of 2019 for series such as One Piece, Radiant, and Sword Art Online: Alicization. These three series are the only ones I watched and got released on February 9. Also, Boruto dropped a new episode on February 10, but I’m like 80 episodes behind on that series, so I won’t include Boruto in this anime bundle review until I’m caught up.

Down below are the top three anime I watched this past weekend ranked from high to low.


#1 Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 18

Eugeo Fights the Integrity Knight LeaderEugeo fights the leader of the Integrity Knights alone in order to reach Administrator, while Kirito and Alice make their way up the tower outside. This episode was mostly focused on the development of Eugeo and the Integrity Knight as they fight to the death, but Kirito and Alice do get about five minutes of screen time showing a growing friendship.

I was on edge and afraid for the character Eugeo fighting alone without the help of Kirito, and the action was very intense and something I could not keep my eyes off. The theme of the episode is that you should know your past, experiences, or where you grew up before fighting for important cause or to make change for the better. I really praise the cinematography in this episode such as how the lighting from the evening sunset was slowly dissipating for 15 minutes of the episode until the sky turned completely dark.


#2 One Piece Episode 872

Pekoms Gains Control of His Sulong FormPekoms (a.k.a. Mystoms) helps Luffy get through the mirror on Cacao Island, and Pekoms also slows down the Big Mom pirates while Sanji tries to escape carrying Luffy in order to make it back to the Thousand Sunny ship of the Straw Hat pirates. The character who was the highlight of the episode was Pekoms because of his bond with Pedro and outstanding bravery for protecting the Straw Hat pirates.

Sanji and Luffy escaping pursuit from the Big Mom pirates looked extremely challenging and tense, and there were emotionally tearjerking moments in the episode. The main theme of this episode is that the most unlikely of allies or friends will come to your aid when you’re in trouble. I had nitpicky issues with the choice of lighting in a couple scenes and an art style that came out of nowhere, but the overall cinematography was refreshingly great.


#3 Radiant Episode 19

Seth Feels like a FailureSome time has passed since the events of Rumble Town, so Seth is mostly recovered and is invited along with his friends to a celebratory party held by Master Lord Majesty for Seth’s accomplishment in Rumble Town. The only problem is Seth feels like he failed and doesn’t believe he’s a hero. It was great to see an important character return in this episode and other supporting characters were important as well.

I liked how much comic relief was in this episode because it helped to keep the negativity coming off of Seth at a minimum. The main theme of this episode is about rather than remaining down in the dumps for the few things that you’ve lost, you should be more proud of the major things you saved or changed. All I can say about the cinematography is that it was good and not choppy, but a couple things do stand out when Doc is completely engulfed by a purple mist from a potion or when Doc is daydreaming of extra handsome looking versions of himself and Melba.


Final Thoughts for Weekend Anime Bundle Review on February 9 of 2019

I know there are only three anime series I could add to this bundle review, but when I do more of these posts in the future the number of series will grow. I also have to catch up to anime I’m behind on so I can add them to my anime bundle review posts.

Alice Learns That She Has a SisterAnyway, the episodes for Sword Art Online and One Piece this weekend in my opinion were more entertaining than the episode for Radiant.

Sword Art Online: Alicization episode 18 had more character development than I thought it would and the fight during the entire episode was animated gorgeously with no flaws whatsoever, which is why it’s ranked #1 in this post.

One Piece episode 872 gave a simple character like Pekoms more layers and heart in just one episode, a couple of characters escape from an island was tense, and the cinematography included some new art and animation that was exceptional. The animation is still not on SAO’s level, but the episode still makes the cut at being ranked at #2.

Radiant episode 19 was ranked #3 because it was a slow episode giving the main character Seth time to recuperate mentally from losing a friend he made in such a short amount of time. I’m glad we got an episode giving us a lot of awesome comedic relief I like about the series. Lastly, there was nothing completely profound about the cinematography this weekend, but it was good enough for me.

Let me know if you have anything to say about where I ranked these episodes down in the comment section below.

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