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The Last Week of Winter Anime Season Episodes – 2019’s Weekly Anime Bundle Review #5

Rimuru Tempest Reminisces of His Journey so Far

We have finally made it to the last week of the winter anime season between March 11 and March 15 of 2019. This week of anime episodes had some series that were better than the previous week, and others that were okay.

One series such as Reincarnated as a Slime has basically ended at episode 23, but we’ll get two extra bonus episodes for two weeks. A few other series such as Mob Psycho 100 II, The Promised Neverland, and Boogiepop and Others still have about two or three episodes left. Lastly, Dororo and The Rising of the Shield Hero will still be ongoing series well into the spring season of anime.


#1 Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 10

Suzuki Toichirou Believes He Can Get Everything He WantsThe Claw organization has taken over part of Seasoning City with its overwhelming number of esper users, so the esper’s lead by Reigan and Sho do everything they can to stop them while Shigeo is unconscious. We learn Suzuki’s true reason for attacking Seasoning City and understand more about his relationship with one of the Ultimate 5. Also, no matter how ridiculous his motivation was, Reigan finds a way to organize his team of esper’s to fight Claw.

This episode was very intense including a tone of danger and fear, but they somehow fit a lot of humor throughout its warlike atmosphere. I can see that the theme is about how applying yourself can help you attain anything you desire, although, world domination does not look good on your resume. Another thing is that I like the colorful backdrops that express emotion, the fluidity in certain fight scenes, the piercing animalistic eyes of an enemy, and the music was epic as always in these episodes.


#2 The Promised Neverland Episode 10

Emma and the Kids Say Goodbye to NormanNorman tells Emma and Ray everything he noticed above the wall, but Norman gets shipped anyway leaving Emma and Ray seemingly in a depressing state. Emma and Ray finally realized that trying to save Norman would lead to deadly consequences, and Norman has an interesting conversation with Isabella as they walked towards the gate.

The tone of this episode obviously was sad from a mortifying goodbye, as well as being tense and emotional. I can say that the theme of this episode is how a battle can be lost, but that doesn’t mean the war is over. There was a great slow-motion of Norman preventing Emma from further injury her leg, there is a soundtrack that stands out in this episode which is later hummed by Ray, and the look in Emma’s eyes was intense by the end of the episode.


#3 Boogiepop and Others Episode 16

Boogiepop Fights ZooragiBoogiepop and a few other characters try fighting the threat from the Moon Temple in their own way, but Boogiepop does not completely believe that the King of Distortion is the actual threat. Kei gets a further understanding of who the King of Distortion is and Boogiepop confronts a powerful force that could help find out who is the mastermind behind this destructive event.

At times this episode would be carefree while still maintaining the seriousness of a detrimental situation, and times it would be weird and creepy. The themes include ideas such as how an individual can have separate personalities based on each emotion they feel or their desires, and how we should never judge a book by its cover. I enjoyed what I observed from the cinematography such as a scene with a beautiful evening sunset, I like the snakelike motion of a monsters head, and the music was great for the most part.


#4 Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 23

Rimuru Tempest Reminisces of His Journey so FarRimuru finally got spirits to inhabit the bodies of the five summoned children so they can grow up with normal lives, and the children remain at Freedom Academy to continue their studies. The main character closes one chapter victoriously, and the children got inhabited by compatible spirits, except Chloe seems to be more special than the other children.

The episode was lighthearted with a little comical relief, and there seem to be a mysterious gaze upon certain characters. One theme in this episode is that sometimes an important treasure finds you instead of you finding it, and another theme would be with power comes responsibility. There was nothing extreme with the cinematography, but I did like the firefly look of inferior spirits each with their own color depending on the children’s magical energy, and the editing was well-paced in a scene going down memory lane that included a sweet song that would have the strongly sentimental crying.


#5 The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 10

Raphtalia Concerned Naofumi is Leaving after WavesMelty fails in getting Naofumi’s assistance for something, a few knight’s have to earn their trust with Naofumi, the next wave is in 10 days and for some reason the Shield Hero can’t get upgrades, and the Shield Hero has to clean up another mess caused by one of the other cardinal heroes. Naofumi is going to have to eventually get over his hatred, but at the same time he still inspires people to do better.

This episode was emotional, dramatic, and melancholy in parts, but it was humorous at times. The theme of this episode is that trust is not simply handed out, but instead it’s earned. The cinematography was great for almost the entire episode such as how the sewer system actually looked disgusting, a group of people looked malnourished in a distraught settlement, and the voice acting was okay in English but better in Japanese.


#6 Dororo Episode 10

The Leadership Might of TahomaruTahomaru attempts to find out the secrets his father has been keeping from him, but to no avail, so in the meantime he fights a monster terrorizing people in a lake. The main characters don’t do much in this episode because it focuses more on the character development of Tahomaru.

This episode involved dramatic family relations as well as the dark and violent undertones of the series. There are many themes in this episode such as how actions speak louder than words, and how understanding the past is important in order to move forward towards the future. I like the use of various water colors in the backgrounds, there was great choreography fighting a crab monster, and the music soundtracks of Japanese instruments was always pleasant to the ears.


{Conclusion Will Be Added Momentarily}

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