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The Horrific Domain of a Monster – Goblin Slayer Anime Episode 7 Review

Ep-7 – Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer anime episode 7 dropped 18, 2018, on Japanese television as well as getting a broadcast online at Crunchyroll. The Goblin Slayer team has finally walked into the horrific domain of a monster.

The plot of this anime episode was shockingly unexpected, and the characters were greatly affected by it. As the main characters entered the domain of a monster, I think the tone of this episode became very reminiscent of the first episode, and the cinematography went to a slightly different level apart from the previous episodes.



Ep-7 – The Goblin Slayer Team

The Goblin Slayer team continue their quest assigned by the Sword Maiden to resolve the goblin issue in Water Town. As they travel deeper into the sewers of Water Town, which is now the domain of a monster leading goblins, they get ambushed by a surprise attack from the goblins. The situation is a lot more difficult than it ever was when it comes to defeating these goblins.


Character Setup

Ep-7 – Sword Maiden Speaks with the PriestessThe Priestess just may have discovered that the Sword Maiden went through a horrible experience that occurred in the past. The Sword Maiden tells the Priestess some things that make her worry about Goblin Slayer’s safety when battling goblins.

Goblin Slayer seems to have brought something along with him on the quest to signal everyone when there’s danger near. The whole group is wondering why Goblin Slayer brought something like that to signal for danger.

The Priestess is still thinking about what the Sword Maiden said to her as the group journeys through the sewers. Those thoughts actually mess with her ability to work with the group.


Tone & Themes

Ep-7 – Goblin Slayer Walking in the RainEverything appears to be safe for the Goblin Slayer team as they either rest or prepare to complete the rest of their quest. Once the group enters the sewers to begin their quest, they do everything professionally as they always have whenever they hunt for goblins.

The action starts right after the Goblin Slayer team spring a trap rigged up by the goblins. They seem to be in a desperate situation, but Goblin Slayer quickly acts to counter the goblins trap. The team ends up in this grand battle to defeat the goblins.

They then get overwhelmed by the goblins, and the whole scene becomes episode 1 where the group of porcelain adventurers got completely wrecked by goblins. The tone still changes from that point, but I don’t want to spoil the whole entire scope of the episode, although, I can tell you it’s rough.

The main theme of this episode is that even the professionals can become careless in quickly changing, and possibly dangerous, conditions.


Animation & Sound

Ep-7 – Water Town TempleThis is one of those episodes that receive very special treatment in the animation department. The animation was so well done that I even liked the CG animation in certain scenes.

But by the end of the episode, there was a shot that lasted for more than a minute and a half, and it felt like the animators used that to fill up extra time they didn’t know what to do with. That’s my only nitpick with the animation of the episode.

I like the music in this episode, especially the soundtrack used for the Sword Maiden and the soundtrack used before the credits rolled at the end of the episode. The sound effects were well-used with the echoes in the bath area, the echoes in the sewers, the sound of water flowing everywhere in Water Town, and with many other sound effects. Also, the voice performances are always at its highest quality whenever the animation is at its best.


Goblin Slayer Anime Episode 7 – Final Thoughts

Ep-7 – CanaryThis episode was very shocking and suspenseful in the last half of the episode. Everything in the first half of the episode was perfectly setting up that led to what happened later in the episode. The conversation between the Priestess and the Sword Maiden really foreshadowed something that would happen to a certain character by the end of the episode.

The plot was very entertaining with a few tonal shifts seamlessly appearing across the whole episode. All the characters have great interactions each other, but something that stood out more was the character dynamic between the Sword Maiden, the Priestess, and Goblin Slayer. The animation and sound were executed perfectly throughout the episode, except for an extreme shot of a canary’s eye that lasted way too long closing the episode.

I have to give this episode a score of 9.5 out of 10, and it would have been a 10/10 if they closed the episode better.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about this review or episode down in the comment section below.


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