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The First Destination is Artemis – Radiant Episode 4 Review

Ep-4 – Seth, Melie, & Doc are Wanted

Radiant episode 4 was released October 27, 2018, on Japanese television as well as being simulcasted on Crunchyroll with subtitles. Seth’s first destination is Artemis, but he runs into a bit of a detour before arriving there.

This series is still not where I want it to be, which is the exact same thing I said for my Reincarnated as a Slime episode 4 review. I am still very intrigued by the Radiant anime series, so I will still give it a chance since it is only 4 episodes in. Maybe Seth’s first destination will expand upon this world a little more in the next episode.

I will say that I’m very interested in the new characters that were introduced in this episode. This episode was mostly comedic in nature, but I didn’t mind it at all. I also think that the plot of this episode and the cinematography was average in certain areas and slightly above average in others. But I want to give you my review explaining all of these elements more in detail.


Before Seth tries finding Radiant, he first needs to go to a city Artemis, but he ended up getting imprisoned on an Inquisition aircraft on his way there. Ep-Four – First Appearance of Artemis Thankfully, Seth and two other prisoners escaped the Inquisition aircraft and finally made their way to Artemis, which is Seth’s first destination during a journey without Alma.

Character Setup

The first new character I want to discuss is an Inquisition captain named Dragunov. I don’t know if he has sinister motives or good motives, but he definitely is a strict law enforcer of the Inquisition. Dragunov does have a second in command that listens to Dragunov’s every order, and as of this episode his name was not mentioned.

Ep-4 – Melie IntroductionAfter Seth gets imprisoned by the Inquisition, he meets a sorceress named Melie who is imprisoned as well. She is an assistant for a nemesis researcher, who I will discuss in just a moment. Melie may seem like a very nice person at first, but her personality changes into the exact opposite whenever she gets pushed into a corner.

Now the nemesis researcher’s name is Doc. When ever a nemesis is killed, it seems to be important for him to pick up the remains of the nemesis. He actually gets imprisoned by the Inquisition later, and that’s how he meets Seth and reunites with his assistant Melie.

Another new character that Alma mentions to Seth is a sorcerer named Yaga from the city of Artemis, but Seth and the audience have never seen him officially yet.

Tone & Themes

There was action in this episode, but the episode was mostly comedic and didn’t take itself too seriously. I noticed that this episode was very different from last week’s episode, which had a more dramatic and serious tone to it. Ep-4 – Seth behind Bars

A lesson that Seth must learn is how to fly on a broomstick properly, so he doesn’t crash into another Inquisition aircraft again. LOL.

But seriously, Seth needed this experience to understand how to be careful when crossing the Inquisition, because their idea of sorcerers are biased and the laws they follow are fundamentally flawed and petty.

Animation & Sound

In episode 4, the animation was mostly great, but it goes below average when it came to the foot soldiers of the Inquisition. Everything else in the episode was animated well, so the foot soldiers are just a small nitpick in how they looked.

I like the character designs of two characters, one being Melie and the other was Dragunov. The long and curly red hair of Melie is something new and creative for a shonen character, and he stands out a lot. Now Dragunov’s character design did not stand out that much, but I like his hair style and the clothing he was wearing looked so clean.

Ep-4 – DocBut I think Doc and Dragunov’s second-in-command looked kind of plain to me, so I probably have to get used to these characters as the series continues.

And they had some great camera angles during certain action scenes such as when a characters movements was in a following shot. The sound effects were directed accordingly to give realism to certain scenes, especially in action sequences. Also, depending on what the scene is about, they always use the right score that fits the scene.

I know that voice acting is not always perfect, but the voice actors did what they were supposed to do in this episode and they made no mistakes. The only voice acting I don’t like is the voice of Seth because I don’t believe it was the right fit, and that still is taking me some time to get used to.

Radiant Ep. 4 – Final Thoughts

This episodes plot was not a big deal, but it did introduce more new characters, which they may be something of an impact on the main character in the future. Even though the series is not where I want it to be yet, every episode has still piqued my interest, so I’m going to stick with this series until maybe episode 10 to decide whether to keep going.Group of Wizards

The things that made this episode enjoyable was the great characters, the few parts that had slightly above average animation, and the comedic atmosphere of the episode overshadowed that this episode had a weak plot. The only serious thing I noticed about this episode is that the Inquisition is nothing to be trifled with.

Anyway, because I really enjoyed the comedic aspect of this episode, I am going to score it a 7 out of 10.

That ends my review, so please leave any comments you have about this review or the episode if you watched it.



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