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The Ending of Anime Arcs Shall Spawn New Arcs – Anime Bundle Review of the Week in 2019 #2

Students of Shizu That Rimuru Must Teach

Here we are today starting the second anime bundle review of the week from February 18 to February 22 of 2019 that had great anime episodes with conclusive or start of anime arcs. I will also be ranking the anime bundle of series from the highest best to the lowest best. Just to be clear, the reviews and rankings of anime series I watch each week are based on my observations and opinions, which means what I say on these posts can be debatable.

Again this week I will review and rank the anime series such as Boogiepop and Others, Dororo, Mob Psycho 100 II, Reincarnated as a Slime, The Promised Neverland, and The Rising of the Shield Hero. Most of the series in this anime bundle have one thing in common and that is how the end of their anime arcs have or will spawn new anime arcs. Anyway, check out my reviews and rankings in the paragraphs that follow.


#1 Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 7

Reigan Humiliated on Live TelevisionReigan Arataka gets humiliated and caught lying about being a psychic on live television, which was all staged by the psychic known as Jodo Kirin. Reigan must find a way out of the corner he has put himself into before his reputation is completely destroyed. Again, just like last week’s episode, episode 7 still focuses mostly on Reigan and all the ridicule he must debunk, but Shigeo (a.k.a. Mob) who is the main character does show that he has had a great impact on Reigan in this episode.

This episode was mostly comical in the first half, but it got tense in the second half because of the social backlash directed toward Reigan, and there is a heartwarming scene that will make you feel like crying. There is a few lessons that can be found in this episode, but there are two that stick out to me more. The first lesson is that you should never cage people in to allow things to work in your favor, and the second lesson is that being a good person is sometimes enough to be somebody.

These Mob Psycho episodes are always perfection when it comes to art and animation, and this episode is no exception. I like the menacing looks that Jodo gave and I like how they animated Reigan’s head spinning around in circles showing how confused and humiliated he is. There is also a cool follow shot that passes through a TV screen, then passing through digital data, then passing through the lens of a camera showing Reigan in a live TV conference.


#2 Boogiepop and Others Episode 9

Masaki Riding Nagi's MotorcycleMasaki continues to search for Orihata not knowing what Asukai Jin has planned for her on top of a tower called The Ladder. Masaki notices a flaw about himself that he must fight, Orihata has given up hope of being saved, Suema is hot on Jin’s trail, and Jin’s master plan is very misguided.

The tone of this episode is both terrifying and suspenseful with a mystery that has been built up for a few episodes which is now all being pieced together. There are a couple themes I noticed in this episode, where one describes how you should make decisions based on your own feelings, and the other describes how what you believe on your own is the only option for the future will be met with unexpected barriers.

For the most part, the animators did not cut that many corners and you can tell they worked very intently on the cinematography for episode 9. The transitions were handled well from shot to shot and scene to scene, and Boogiepop’s ropes whipping around looked beautiful behind black backgrounds. I also like the music in this episode, especially when they started playing classical music during a fight scene with Boogiepop.


#3 The Promised Neverland Episode 7

The Thinking KroneSister Krone tells the children that she knows their plans to escape the farm, but Krone makes a deal to help them escape because she wants Isabella to suffer the repercussions so she can take her job as mother. There are new things you learn about Krone in this episode and the lengths that she would go to be the mother is very interesting, and the way the children processed her presence is equally amusing.

Whenever sister Krone is around we all know the tone will be extra creepy and suspenseful, although, I felt excitement and refreshment for this particular antagonist to work with the protagonists. The obvious theme of this episode is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

There are only small moments where character designs were slightly off during long shots, but most of the cinematography was great such as following shots of Krone walking around corners and the facial expressions were perfect. I also like how they put emphasis on a calendar or the sound of a clock ticking showing time is limited and how the music soundtracks were used appropriately which included a couple new soundtracks.


#4 Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 20

A Regret That Rimuru Will Rectify for ShizuAfter Capital City Rimuru celebrate Charybdis’s defeat, Rimuru sees visions of Shizu teaching children, which leads him to go on a journey alone to the Kingdom of Ingrassia. This episode actually gives the main character a mission with more purpose behind it, and a few new characters are involved in his mission or promise to Shizu.

The tone had the cheerful attitude and comical relief that comes with the series, but there are moments in this episode that make you feel concern or sad for some characters. There is only one theme I noticed, and that is when you make a vow to pick up someone’s mantle, you must try your best to live up to their expectations.

Also, the cinematography well demonstrated the characters emotional state or expression and I liked one scene that showed the incredible reverberation of power between two characters clashing.


#5 Dororo Episode 7

Hyakkimaru Prepared to Fight a Spider GhoulHyakkimaru and Dororo hunts for a spider monster, who they believe have been kidnapping people in a small village. I like how Hyakkimaru and another character sort of mirrored each other, and how the two also had characters supporting them with positivity.

The tone of this episode wasn’t too dark and it showed that the world can be sometimes corrupt, but it did emphasize the good-natured side of humanity. This episode also goes into themes such as how all life is precious even if it’s an insect and how all monsters are not always the bad guys.

There was nothing spectacular about the art and animation, although, I wouldn’t say there was anything spotty with the cinematography either. The design of the spider monster looked menacing, the fight between Hyakkimaru and the monster was well choreographed, and the lighting changed to match the right mood, even though most of the episode was devoid of light.


#6 The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 7

Naofumi Destroys the Plant MonsterIn the first half of the episode, Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo bring herbicide to a village ravaged by an unknown sickness and monstrous plants. For the second half of the episode, Naofumi’s party are sent to a hot spring site to do a small favor for the accessory merchant. Naofumi continues pretending like he only helps people for what they have, and Raphtalia is shown to be at odds with Filo and her interaction with Naofumi.

Any drama or dark undertones in this episode gets resolved very quickly, then the episode goes more on the comical side. One theme I noticed in this episode is that should not trust just anyone based on a high position or reputation. There was some good animation such as vines growing under skin, great shots of vines devastating a town, and the plant monster was terrifying alive or dying. I also like the use of a guitar string instrumental in a fight scene of this episode.


Final Thoughts for Week #2 Anime Bundle Review

The six series I have chosen for this week’s anime bundle review are incredible stories, but the episodes this week were unbalanced in quality which I’ll explain soon enough. I was still very entertained by all of these episodes that premiered between February 18 to February 22 of 2019.

The Promised Neverland has a fairly continuous arc that won’t be ending anytime soon, but the other five series of anime episodes have arcs that either ended or just begun, even if it’s just one filler episode. Anyway, I know that what you’re really The Plummeting Reputation of Reiganwondering is why I gave each series their rank.

Mob Psycho has a world of powerful psychic individuals, but every episode including the recent episode always have great balance with a character driven plot and relatable themes, which is why it’s hard to not give season 2 episode 7 the #1 spot in the ranks on my posts.

Boogiepop episode 7 that is #2 in the ranks could have been #1 given how the clash of characters was built up over a few episodes, but the juggling of several characters slightly diminished the quality of the plot whereas the recent Mob Psycho episode had its focus only on one or two characters.

The Promised Neverland episode 7 was ranked #3 on my post because while the character focus was way better than what we got in the recent Boogiepop episode, the payoff just hasn’t shown itself yet. Reincarnated as a Slime finally pushed the main character to fulfill an actual goal, but it’s unknown what direction it will lead the story, which is why it’s ranked #4 in this review.

The last two series ranked at the very bottom of this post are #5’s Dororo episode 7 and #6’s The Rising of the Shield Hero episode 7 because they felt more like simple filler episodes. The only reason Dororo got ranked at #5 higher than Shield Hero has something to do with the fact that it had significant character development for one of the main characters and it presented a challenge for the protagonists to decide who is bad and who is good.

That’s all I have to say in this review, so if you have anything to say about my anime bundle review or the episodes discuss, please let me know down in the comment section below.

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