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The Demon Lord Milim Nava Arrives – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Episode 16 Review

Milim Ready to Fight

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime episode 16 was released January 21, 2019, U.S. eastern standard time (GMT-5). This anime episode can be streamed online at a website known as Crunchyroll. A mysterious character known as the Demon Lord Milim Nava is introduced into this episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

A few new alliances have been forged with Capital City Rimuru in this anime episode of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. Many characters got plenty of development, but the highlight of this episode was the introduction of Milim Nava. The episode was fun as well as showing the audience growth and prosperity. There was nothing really amazing happening with the cinematography, but it still has above average quality animation and sound.

I will go in depth about my points above and the significance of the new character Milim Nava down below.



A Sudden Appearance of Gabiru

King Gazel Dwargo hands over Vesta to Capital City Rimuru so that he can use his knowledge to help this town of monsters. Gabiru, his sister, and other lizardmen decide to serve Rimuru, especially so that Gabiru can atone for his past behavior during the orc attack. After some time has passed, a Demon Lord known as Milim Nava comes for a visit at Capital City Rimuru.


Character Setup

The Atonement of VestaRimuru Tempest has been gradually taking on more and more responsibilities as this episode progresses. He is becoming a leader who has been great at giving each of his subordinates the right job based on their abilities and experiences. On top of that, he manages to tame someone powerful and popular, and he has to be very careful in maintaining his relationship with this person.

Next, a character known as Vesta makes his resurgence in this episode, which was an unexpected surprise. King Dwargo could not stand for Vesta’s lies, so he was sent to work under Rimuru in order to atone for his mistakes.

Another character known as Gabiru has also been exiled from the lizardmen swamplands, so he decides to atone for his past mistakes by serving under Rimuru. His sister follows him to Capital City Rimuru to make sure her brother stays in line as well as serve under Rimuru. Gabiru, his sister, and many other lizardmen settle in the town as well as receive new names and specific jobs.

Now, the primary character that needs to be talked about is that Demon Lord known as Milim Nava. She is rough around the edges, powerful, and revered by many. Her only goal was to visit the Capital City Rimuru, but in the process she ended up befriending Rimuru. Milim’s presence in the town and her new relationship with Rimuru could spell trouble for the future.


Tone & Themes

Milim Nava Receives a Taste of Power from RimuruThis episode was very interesting, fun, and had its moments of comedy. There was only about 3 to 5 minutes worth of action, but the episode was still entertaining without having a lot of action. The character Milim has several other associates who are like her and that creates quite amount of mystery of their true intentions.

The main theme of this episode was about giving people who have walked down the wrong path a second chance to do the right thing. This concept can be applied to the characters Vesta, Gabiru, and even Milim. Vesta lied to gain power, Gabiru forcefully took control of his father’s position as Chieftain, and Milim was hanging with the wrong crowd, but these characters have a chance to be better.



Sister of Gabiru Receives the Name TokaThe cinematography retained being above average as usual, but the animators didn’t necessarily do anything eye-popping either. The only things that stand out to me were the new designs with some lizardmen, the design of Milim, and certain aesthetic choices during the short fight with Milim. I like the new design of Gabiru, but I don’t like how drastically the other lizardmen have changed because they don’t even look anything close to lizardmen anymore.

There was nothing new with the soundtracks in this episode, although, sometimes I wish the soundtracks within these episodes sounded much better because the RPG sounding music they use got old real fast. I will say that the opening and closing themes are always fantastic every time I see them.


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Episode 16 – Final Thoughts

Rimuru Has Deemed Milim BestieI like last week’s episode more because a war just ended and tensions were high. The similarities between the two episodes is that Rimuru received new subordinates and an alliance was formed with someone powerful. But the only difference with episode 16 is that tensions were low and Milim wanted to make a simple visit because she was bored. I do like the character Milim and she was the highlight of the episode because even though she’s spoiled, Milim is full of energy, she has a lot to develop on as a character, and she’s ridiculously powerful.

The plot of this episode was interesting but not as good as last week’s episode. A few characters became an important asset to the main character in building a strong nation. There is a vague serious nature to this episode, but the audience was meant to have fun with this episode. Also, the cinematography remained above average, but it wasn’t exactly visually stunning.

Based on my analysis, I give this episode a score of 7.5 out of 10.

Let me know you have anything to say about the review or the episode down in the comment section below.

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