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The Dark Slayer of Goblins – Goblin Slayer Episode 2 Review

Ep-2 – Goblin Slayer & Priestess

Goblin slayer episode 2 was released on October 13, 2018, on television in Japan. The dark slayer known as Goblin Slayer continues his adventures within this episode. There are less dark themes within this episode than last week’s episode, and questions are answered that a lot of audiences have been asking since episode 1.

I like this episode for the characterization of the Goblin Slayer and his motives for being the dark slayer that he is. I am curious about some new characters introduced and how they could get involved with the Goblin Slayer in the future. My review will discuss these areas in more detail, as well as the premise, the atmosphere, the animation, and the sound.


A month has passed since the tragedy of the last episode, and the priestess is still helping Goblin Slayer in his adventures involving goblins. Goblin Slayer isn’t exactly welcome by the other adventurers’, but the dark slayer doesn’t care what they think. This episode does give the audience some background information about Goblin Slayer and his relationship with another character.

Character Setup

This episode introduces a few characters, but the interesting thing about these episodes so far is that we don’t get any names of the characters, and we don’t know Goblin Slayer’s real name neither. All I can do is give descriptions of the characters and their importance within the story.

Ep-2 – Goblin Slayer Childhood Friend
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The first character I want to talk about is a young woman who is actually childhood friends with Goblin Slayer. They don’t seem romantically involved, but Goblin Slayer has been living with and protecting the woman and her uncle every day for five years.

Goblin Slayer really is just obsessed with killing goblins because of an incident with goblins that destroyed his village when he was a child. His psyche is all distorted so he takes pleasure in killing goblins, and he doesn’t get sexually involved with any female. He also doesn’t care about certain other people’s safety, and only cares about the most dangerous hunt of goblins, so he definitely has some issues.

The priestess that partnered up with Goblin Slayer is more empathetic towards others, but this is the role of a priestess. It seems the priestess questions the way she uses her pure nature powers in helping With the Goblin Slayer’s dark vendetta against the goblins. But the priestess believes that mother nature has given her these abilities for the purpose of helping Goblin Slayer.

There are other characters, but they had no real importance in this episode except for looking down on Goblin Slayer for only hunting weak monsters such as goblins, even though we as an audience know that goblins can be more dangerous than adventurers’ think.

Mood & Narrative

I guess the first half of the episode was a little more on the light side, and then the last half of the episode got darker. At the very beginning of the episode we see a girl and a boy with a vintage film filter over the scene which I guess is telling the audience that this is the past. The episode gave subtle hints that the boy may in fact be Goblin Slayer in his younger days, which in turn I was correct by the end of the episode.

Ep-2 – Evil Goblin Image
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While Goblin Slayer was at the adventurers’ guild, the atmosphere was very negative because the other adventurers’ have their bias opinions of Goblin Slayer. The other adventurers’ questioned whether Goblin Slayer deserved to be a silver adventurer, one of the highest ranked, even though he only fights goblins.

By the end of the episode the audience gets a disturbing revelation of Goblin Slayers past. It turns out goblins decimated and killed the people of his village when he was a child, and the worst thing that happened to him was watching his older sister being tortured and killed by goblins. During this scene, Goblin Slayer monologues how inexperienced adventurers’ have misconceptions about goblins and how those adventurers’ overconfidence gets them killed.

Animation & Sound

Ep-2 – Goblin Slayer & Priestess Image-2
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As I mentioned before, the first scene of the episode had a vintage film effect to give the audience an atmosphere of the past. I found that interesting because the previous episode opened with a black-and-white background which was basically showing the audience the not so distant future.

There was a little more noticeable CG animation in this episode, but it wasn’t either jarring. This episode also finally gives the audience an opening theme, so I like the animation in the theme, but the music hasn’t grown on me yet. The voice acting is just as committed as last episode, so there was nothing wrong with how the voices was performed.

Goblin Slayer Episode 2 – Final Thoughts

Ep-2 – The Dark Slayer of Goblins
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I found it interesting that we got a lot of characterization for Goblin Slayer so soon because I thought the audience would find out more about Goblin Slayer a few episodes down the line. But I am glad that they revealed his past early because it gives the audience a reason to empathize for the character.

This episode was different because it was more character driven than story driven. Goblin Slayer’s childhood friend that was introduced seemed like someone very important to him which does show he does have a soft side underneath that tough exterior.

Also, this episode still reminds us that this series will continue having dark themes. Lastly, the noticeable CG animation was just a small of a problem for me, but everything else as well as the sound was solid.

Anyway, that was my review for this episode. If you have anything you want to say, please let me know in the comments down below.


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