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Setting Priorities That are Beneficial – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 4 Review

Dwargon City

Reincarnated as a Slime episode 4 was released October 23, 2018, on Japanese television as well as being broadcast on Crunchyroll with subtitles. It looks like the slime really is setting priorities that is becoming beneficial for the goblins, the Tempest wolves, and the dwarves, even if his priorities are also set on female elves.

I still like Reincarnated as a Slime, but a slight flaw with the series is that the story progression is slow and it feels like I’ve watch these episodes for 10 minutes or fewer. But there are actually more positives than negatives in this series, and particularly in this episode. The slime is actually setting priorities that are seemingly changing the world of this story in a big way.

But let’s get into the review and talk about the plot of this episode, character development and world building, the major themes, and the use of animation.


Tempest Wolf Pack Sprinting Towards DwargonAfter a 3-day journey, Rimuru and the group finally make it to Dwargon. Rimuru caused a big ruckus trying to get into Dwargon, but it all works out in the end when Rimuru helps the dwarves with a few issues.

Character Setup

Rimuru and Ranga Discussing LoyaltyThere is an interesting scene where Rimuru asks Ranga how he really feels about him, but the Tempest wolf gave a very optimistic answer. It’s also revealed that Rigur’s brother got his name from a demon named Gelgud.

Gobta is supposed to be a trustee guide to show Rimuru around the city of Dwargon, but they run into some annoying character trouble that gets resolved rather destructively. A dwarf guard known as Kaido gets Rimuru and Gobta out of trouble, especially after Rimuru helped to heal some injured dwarves.

Kaido introduces Rimuru to a skilled blacksmith, and Rimuru is beneficial to the blacksmiths’ stressful workload. Thanks to Rimurus’ actions, the dwarves rewards Rimuru with a harem of female elves.

Tone & Themes

This episode was mostly comedic, but there were a few scenes where the main character tries to understand other characters’ morale. The main character also realizes how destructive his powers can be around civilians, and he needs to learn how to control his abilities when he uses them.

There are a few themes within this episode. A theme that is brought up during a conversation between Rimuru and Ranga, which is that loyalty is earned, even though Rimuru used some violence to gain it.

Another theme is that with great power comes great responsibility, and this is shown when Rimuru used too much of his powers causing a lot of damage near his surroundings.Goons Blasted Away

And the theme of performing good deeds can lead you to be handsomely rewarded, which was exhibited by Rimuru helping the dwarves a great deal and the dwarves rewarding him with female elves.

Animation & Sound

The Tempest wolves sprinting across vast distances was animated well and the wind whistling around them sounded great. After Gobta mentioned that there are elves in the Dwargon city, Rimuru had thought bubbles that were interestingly animated and it was hilarious.

The Entrance To DwargonThe entrance to Dwargon was not that spectacular, but I guess the animators wanted to make it look like it didn’t draw too much attention to outsiders. When Rimuru and Gobta get to the entrance, some humans try to attack them, and I like how they crayon animated the scene showing how their attacks don’t work on Rimuru in his mimicry transformed state as a Tempest wolf.

I would not say that the Dwargon city looked beautiful, but it did look like a normal prosperous city. There are mostly positives in terms of animation during this episode, although, there are certain design of things I thought looked strange, but I guess it’s just this series unique animation style.

Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 4 – Final Thoughts

The Demon Lords Army SilhouettedReincarnated as a Slime episode 4 is making a lot of progress with this series, but it’s still not where I want it to be based on what we see from the opening theme. The story is intriguing, I like the characters’, and the animation is great and unique, but it’s time we see the main character get into situations that is more of a struggle for him.

Like I said, the character is setting priorities that is changing the world he is living in now. Everything that we’ve seen so far in the last 4 episodes are merely setting the pathway to something incredible in future episodes. The next episode or the episode after should be getting to the real meat of what this series is trying to give us.

I hope you enjoyed my review for Reincarnated as a Slime episode 4. Please send any comments you have about this review or the episode down below.



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