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Recommended Anime Series This Fall – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 2

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Reincarnated as a Slime episode 2 was released on October 9, 2018, in Japan (or October 8, 2018, on This recommended anime series had another fantastic episode so far, and it had a cliffhanger ending that made me want more. Hopefully, Reincarnated as a Slime will get even better after episode 2.

Reincarnated as a Slime is currently at 10th place on My Anime List top airing anime this fall, so I believe this is a highly recommended anime series, especially for those want to get into anime. Now, I’ll give you my review of Reincarnated as a Slime episode 2.

The Premise

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The second episode starts where we left off in episode 1 with the now reincarnated Satoru and the sealed dragon Verudora (or Veldora). Satoru, now named Rimuru, swallows the dragon whole until they can find a way to break the Infinity Imprisonment seal, but this event may have caused some trouble for the kingdoms near the mountain where the dragon was sealed.

After Rimuru fights many monsters and gains new abilities, the slime finds a way out of the mountain and meets a group of goblins. The goblins notice powerful energy coming from Rimuru, and the goblins asks for his help to defeat direwolves that have been disturbing the peace of a small goblin village.

Character Setup

There is some character development when Verudora compromises to be kept safe inside of Rimuru’s stomach until they can finally break the seal. While the dragon is in the slimes stomach, Rimuru gains new abilities by killing and devouring carnivorous monsters, which is only making the protagonist stronger.

This episode also introduces 3 unknown adventurers that visit the cave where the dragon and slime reside, and have a feeling we are going to see those adventurers again in future episodes. Then, 2 other characters named Baron Veryard and Fuze, get introduced in the Kingdom of Blumund and they figure out the dragon Verudora has disappeared.

And the last new group of characters that Rimuru meets are the goblins. These goblins seem peaceful and don’t really act all that violent. They also have been having trouble with direwolves only because of something Rimuru did when swallowed the dragon.

Mood & Narrative

In the beginning of episode 2, the atmosphere was pretty much the same as the comedic atmosphere at the end of episode 1.

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Things get more serious when the Kingdom of Blumund discovers that Verudora has disappeared from the Jura Mountain, and this is a problem for several kingdom near the mountain because the seal of the dragon kept certain threats away from the kingdom.

The mood changes when we get more action with Rimuru when he fights and gain the powers of monsters larger than a slime. He displayed how strong he really was when he shredded giant monsters like paper even though he was a slime.

The atmosphere changes again once Rimuru get out of that dark cave and into a forest with the light of the sun raining down on him. Also, you can tell that the goblins were fearful goblins of Rimuru, especially when they call him “Strong One.” Rimuru protecting the goblins is showing how gradually he is becoming a hero and someone to look up to like his old colleague from his previous life.

Animation & Sound

This episode introduced great fighting choreography when Rimuru was battling giant creatures in that mountain he was stuck in. The scene where Rimuru consumes Verudora was a sight to see because the slime just expands his body enough to consume the giant dragon, and Rimuru shrinks back down to his normal size like it was no big deal. The animation in episode 2 was eye appealing just as much as episode 1.

I love the music composition in episode 2 because it gave life to the various places of this world such as Jura Mountain, the Kingdom of Blumund, and the goblins village. The music helped express the tone of these places and how the characters take action in unexpected circumstances.

I said in my last review that the creators of the anime would the opening theme to the beginning of the episode instead of the end, and I was correct which will probably continue for the next episodes. Episode 2 finally revealed the series ending theme, which had music that ended the episode peacefully and the animation showcased brief flashbacks of scenes from episodes 1 and 2.

Reincarnated as a Slime Ep. 2 – Final Thought

Ep-2 - Rimuru Greatness
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This episode was good, but it was really more of a set up episode to put things in motion for the story which will eventually lead to some awesome episodes. I was excited to see more characters in the new world the protagonist got sent to, and the series is getting much closer to the events that we’ve seen in the opening theme.

The animation was great when Rimuru and Verudora put their plans into action, and the battles Rimuru had with the various creatures in the mountain was also animated great. The plot was interesting because Rimuru basically opened Pandora’s box when he devoured Verudora, which is why there was such a dramatic atmosphere in certain parts of the episode.

Well, that was my review of Reincarnated as a Slime episode 2. Please give comments about this episode review or what you think about the episode if you watched it.


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