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Onimaru Kunitsuna vs. Sekitori – Hinomaru Sumo Anime Episode 6 Review

Ep-6 – Hinomaru in Sumo Bouts

Hinomaru Sumo anime episode 6 premiered November 9, 2018, on Japanese television as well as being broadcast on Crunchyroll. Hinomaru (a.k.a. Onimaru Kunitsuna) will challenge a Sekitori rank sumo wrestler in a bout, so Hinomaru can learn how to use his new triple combo technique.

In anime episodes 6 of Hinomaru Sumo, the plot was solely depended on the characters. There are new characters that are very multilayered and intriguing, especially the Sekitori character. At times a scene would just be chill, but other times it can be really intense when characters brawl. And the animation and sound is almost flawless with just a few small imperfections in certain scenes.

In this review, I will discuss all the in and outs with full detail of this anime episode.



The main character Hinomaru (a.k.a. Onimaru Kunitsuna) goes to the Shibakiyama Stable to have training bouts with some pro sumo wrestlers. Tsuji’s goal as a coach is to have Hinomaru perfect his new technique with the pro sumo wrestlers, especially with a Sekitori who may be as strong as Sosuke (a.k.a. Kusanagi).

Ep-6 – Onimaru Kunitsuna Versus Sekitori


Character Setup

Ep-6 – Saki Tennoji First IntroductionAs I said before, Hinomaru (a.k.a. Onimaru Kunitsuna) is just at the Shibakiyama Stable to train with sumo pros. The master of the Shibakiyama Stable is very at first about the small body of Hinomaru, but quickly starts to like the high schooler because those right Shibakiyama is reminded of his old sumo wrestling days.

There is another character visiting Shibakiyama Stable named Saki, but she is just an observer to get documentation on the sumo wrestlers at the Stable.

The Sekitori (a rank in sumo) of the Shibakiyama Stable named Saenoyama is interested in a training bout with Hinomaru. The main character realizes he is no match for the Sekitori who seems to be as strong as Sosuke.


Tone & Themes

Ep-6 – Shibakiyama the FirecrackerThe tone was intense at times even when you least expect it to be. There was plenty of action with all the sumo bouts going on in this episode. The second half of the episode was mostly relaxation for the characters. It’s also interesting how characters exaggerate in their heads what another character looks like.

The whole series is about getting past a wall, but it is emphasized a lot in this episode because the main character is having a hard time breaking through the wall of a Sekitori’s strength in a sumo bout. Another theme that’s been used in the previous episode, is that failing to achieve your dreams doesn’t mean you can’t pass on your dreams to others.


Animation & Sound

Ep-6 – Raging Fire of OnimaruThe animation was mostly good, although, there were some imperfections in certain parts of the episode. I would say that the sumo bouts were definitely animated great and with intensity. There are only a few scenes where characters were drawn a little wonkie. Also, it wasn’t too noticeable, but if you look close enough sometimes different camera shots looked a little out of focus or all over the place.

I like the sound effects they used whenever a character gets surprised or whenever they dramatize something in their mind. There was like this tuba sound effect used for master Shibakiyama when his first impressions of Hinomaru came crashing down.

I didn’t notice anything impressive with the music, so I guess it was just normal compositions playing. Lastly, I will say that the voice actors were dedicated to their characters in this episode, which is about the same for every episode I’ve seen so far.


Hinomaru Sumo Anime Episode 6 – Final Thoughts

Ep-6 – The National ChampionI mostly like this episode for its story as well as the main character. I find the main charact seven er relatable because he works hard to achieve his dreams even when other people say he can’t. The intensity with the sumo bouts was an entertaining highlight of the episode.

The animation in this episode was better than last week’s episode, but with a few noticeable issues. Since the manga series is so underrated, the anime does not get a high enough budget to produce pristine animation every episode.

I’m going to give this episode a score of 7.75 out of 10. My score would have been higher if the animation was slightly better.

If you have anything to say about this review or the episode, then please let me know in the comment section down below.



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