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Onimaru Kunitsuna vs. Mikazuki Munechika – Hinomaru Sumo Anime Episode 9 Review

Ep-9 Onimaru Kunitsu Versus Mikazuki Munechika

Hinomaru Sumo (a.k.a. Hinomaruzumou) anime episode 9 dropped all over television in Japan on December 1, 2018. Depending on your time zone, the release date may vary if you watch this episode online at an awesome website known as Crunchyroll. In this episode, we finally get a sumo bout of Onimaru Kunitsuna vs. Mikazuki Munechika, who are two talented national treasures of Japanese sumo.

Anime episode 9 of Hinomaru Sumo (or Hinomaruzumou) had an impactful plot, although, last episode had way more characterization. During the bout of Onimaru Kunitsuna vs. Mikazuki Munechika, one of the characters get a much more intriguing backstory than the other. The tone was of course action heavy, but also serious and emotional, and the cinematography was handled great in certain parts of the anime episode.



Ep-9 – Hinomaru Gets a Chance to Shine

Hinomaru Sumo (or Hinomaruzumou) anime episode 9 was a simple story, but the complexity of the episode radiates from the sumo bout of Onimaru Kunitsuna vs. Mikazuki Munechika. This is the match that decides which of the two high school sumo teams make it to the high school nationals. Hinomaru and Sada try all of their techniques to do what ever it takes to win, and the crowd is astounded by the battle between two national treasures of Japan.


Character Setup

Ep-9 – Sada Finally Gets to Fight a RivalEp-9 – Sada Finally Gets to Fight a RivalBased on my description, the episode obviously focuses the most on the two national treasures Onimaru Kunitsuna and Mikazuki Munechika, Hinomaru and Sada respectively. There are spectators, and those that make very surprising appearances. Also, there are of course the two teams that are supporting their teammates in the ring.

Hinomaru completely remains serious when fighting Sada, and this little guy is relentless. What ever gets thrown at him does not destroy his spirit one bit. He doesn’t believe in destiny or talent, but what he does believe in is the hard work it takes in order to be the strongest sumo wrestler and also receiving some strength from his team.

Sada on the other hand thinks that this fight is amusing because he likes to fight strong opponents, plus he has been waiting to fight Hinomaru for years. We get some backstory that is finally revealed, and understand that he is very skilled in sports. In many ways he is very similar to his teammate Araki because he likes to fight the strongest opponents. He is also very aggressive towards Hinomaru, and pulls all sorts of his own techniques in order to claim victory in his fight against his opponent.


Tone & Themes

Ep-9 – Hinomaru Will Not FallThe tone of this episode was a complete action-packed spectacle. There was a lot of passion displayed between two high school sumo wrestlers. I noticed that the spectators were shocked, worried, and excited of what was occurring between these two national treasures. When the episode reveal flashbacks of the two characters, it’s either intriguing on Sada’s side or emotional and sad on Hinomaru’s side.

The main theme of this episode is that being born with talent or privilege is nothing compared to actual hard work and strife. Just because someone has been ahead of you since day one doesn’t mean you can’t catch up to them or even surpass them if you stay committed or passionate to achieving your goals.


Animation & Sound

Ep-9 The Frightening Stare of SadaIt’s obvious that other anime series have animation that are of much higher quality than Hinomaru Sumo , but Hinomaru Sumo episode 9 and the other episodes have been enjoyable to watch with its animation. Since the manga series is not that popular, the production budget is going to be low, so I can tell that the animators have to cut some corners and bring their attention to the important parts of an episode.

I can compare the animation between episodes based on characterization and action, so episode 9 has less characterization and action than episode 8, which means the quality of animation for episode 9 is below the quality of episode 8. Hinomaru Sumo episode 9 is a very big deal because it involves a fight between two national treasures, and yet the animation is below that of episode 8.

I still enjoyed episode 9 for the tone, theme, characterization, and action that helped made some animation stand out. I just hate that the animators are forced to have to create the illusion that the animation is high quality.

The sound effects of the slaps, stomps, and throws are explosive, but the animation slightly puts all that to waste in certain scenes. I know that the music sounds average, but it works enough for me and with the shift of tone. The voice actors put 110% in their performances for their characters in this episode like they always do, and that’s one of the saving graces of the series.


Hinomaru Sumo Anime Episode 9 – Final Thoughts

Ep-9 – Chihiro Getting ExcitedI was expecting the animation in episode 9 to be of higher quality than episode 8, but I was somewhat disappointed because it was the exact opposite of my expectations. This episode was a fight between two national treasures, and the animation did not deliver.

Even so, I still enjoyed parts that were good in this episode, and the heart and strength the characters displayed in sumo wrestling makes me ecstatic for the sport of sumo. When a series makes you appreciate a sport that you were never interested in, that means this is a good story, and I wish it received better care and more popularity.

The plot was eventful, although, the characterization of characters was very little, but it was still interesting and relatable. The tone and themes are inspiring, and the animation was somewhat of a weak point of this episode even though I enjoy certain parts of the animation, but the direction of sound is another saving grace of episode 9.

Based on my analysis for episode 9 of Hinomaru Sumo, I give this episode an honest score of 6.75 out of 10.

If you have anything to say about my review or the episode, please let me know in the comment section down below.



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