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One Season Finale and Two Ongoing Series – 2019’s Weekend Anime Bundle Review #1

Grimm is Curious of the Direction Seth is Leading into

Looks like this anime bundle review for the weekend only has three series worth reviewing and ranking. I would include Boruto in this anime bundle review, but I’m still trying to catch up to that series before I start reviewing its episodes.

Anyway, let’s look at my review and rankings of the three series I watched between February 23 and February 24 of 2019. The series that I’ve included for my anime bundle review are One Piece, Radiant, and Sword Art Online: Alicization, but unfortunately Radiant is the only one in this review with a season finale.


#1 Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode 19

Alice Has a Strange Red Bar Code Glowing from Her Right EyeWhile still stuck outside on the side of the Axiom Church tower wall, Kirito reveals the whole truth about who Alice really is and how the administrator manipulated her mind. Kirito got Alice who was once loyal to the Pontifex to come on his side and that is huge character development for Alice. Something else also happens with Eugeo that I didn’t even see coming.

This episode showed that the Pontifex was evil and creepy, gave the audience an emotional scene with Alice, and we got a tense scene of Eugeo making a tough decision. The main theme of this episode is that love comes from bonding and sharing with others, and love is not something that can be bought.

There was not a lot of action, but the art and animation was beautiful such as the design of Pontifex with a white dress and white hair that had a glow to it. Also, only a few music soundtracks sounded like it was composed at an orchestra.


#2 Radiant Episode 21 (Season Finale)

A New Journey Awaits SethAlma and Seth find a letter written for them by Yaga, and it tells them to go to a dangerous place known as Caislean Merlin where there may be a lead on Radiant. Seth gets unexpected character development because he has to make a hard decision for his friends.

This episode had its comical relief and peace, but things start to turn serious and dramatic by the last half of the episode. The moral of this episode is that sometimes you have to make very hard decisions to keep your friends safe. They still use that cool color palette for the characters and Artemis Academy, one scene that I like was when Seth fought an aerial nemesis, and the music soundtrack they used during the fight was wonderful.


#3 One Piece Episode 874

Jinbei Just Happy to Be a Straw HatSanji and Luffy finally make it back onto the Thousand Sunny ship, but they still need to get past the Big Mom pirates in order to escape Big Mom’s territory. The interaction between Sanji and Judge was the best part of the episode because it gave the two characters an extra bit of closure.

This episode was slightly suspenseful and explosive because of the main characters dire situation, and the tone also had a dash of comical relief which is nothing new to One Piece. One theme I found is that sometimes your failures can make you the great person you are today. The art and animation this week was for the most part average, but I do like a couple music soundtracks used for immediate danger in certain scenes.


Final Thoughts for 2019’s Weekend Anime Bundle Review #1

There aren’t that many shonen and seinen 8ction series with new episodes that premiere on the weekends, so I have to make do with just three series for now. Anime series such as SAO, Radiant, and One Piece made it on this post, but I will eventually add some more series for my weekend anime bundle reviews in the future.

I gave SAO: Alicization episode 19 a rank at the #1 spot because this episode got through huge amount of character development and story progression mostly through dialogue. Also, the The Beautiful and Evil Administratorbeautiful cinematography in episode 19 plays an important factor for its rank as well.

I was a little disappointed in episode 21 of Radiant, especially with it being a season finale, because the pacing felt irregular in this episode. Though, I still give the episode a rank at the #2 spot since it did give great development to the main character and had him make an extremely difficult decision.

One Piece episode 874 had a couple great character moments, there was enough comical relief, and there was a little suspense even though we know the characters are getting out of this dangerous situation. The problem is that this is one of those episodes that drag the story out way too long and it’s easily forgettable, which is why I am giving it a rank of #3 for this review.

I hope this anime bundle review was helpful. Please let me know if you have anything to say about my rankings or the episodes down in the comments section below.

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