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One Piece Episode Guide #2 – Alabasta Saga

Crocodile - Alabasta Saga; Featured Image
Bon Clay - Alabasta Saga
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The last saga we covered in this One Piece Episode Guide series was the East Blue Saga. The next saga we’ll be discussing is the Alabasta Saga, which is the start of the main cast of character’s adventure in the Grand Line. There are important story lines that occur in the Alabasta Saga, but this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the sagas that will come later in the One Piece anime.

To be honest, the Alabasta Saga is not the best saga, but it is still entertaining and essential to the overall story line of the series. My goal is to make this saga as entertaining and tolerable for you as possible, so I’ll try my best to explain this all to you in this One Piece Episode Guide. There are about 6 arcs within the saga, and they are the Reverse Mountain Arc, Whiskey Peak Arc, Koby & Helmeppo Arc, Little Garden Arc, Drum Island Arc, and Alabasta Arc. I will explain how to watch all these arcs in the best way possible.

Reverse Mountain & Whiskey Peak

Laboon - Alabasta Saga
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I want to discuss the Reverse Mountain and the Whiskey Peak arcs in this section because these are the first two arcs of the Alabasta Saga with the least number of episodes. The Reverse Mountain Arc has two episodes and the Whiskey Peak Arc has four episodes. These two arcs are so different from each other which is why they’re not categorized into one arc, so I think it’s cool that the writer can change the story drastically but still keep it consistent.

Now, the Reverse Mountain Arc is an arc that should definitely not be skipped. When 4Kids Productions acquired the dubbing rights to One Piece back in 2004, they skipped Reverse Mountain and that completely ruined important plot points that would be introduced much later in the story. So we’re not going to make one of the many mistakes 4Kids made with One Piece. The Reverse Mountain Arc may not seem like anything special, but this arc informs you of things that become relevant hundreds of episodes later. Please watch episodes 62-63 because you might find it quite entertaining and it’s just worth it to understand the story.

Miss All Sunday - Alabasta Saga
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The Whiskey Peak Arc is also important to watch because we get a major plot shift that goes into what the Alabasta Saga is all about. There is a good amount of action with a certain character that is probably a favorite at this point in the story. Sometimes I forget how dark this arc really was. Things are revealed by another character and a tragedy seems to befall right in front of this character, which really starts the Alabasta Saga. The Whiskey Peak Arc starts at episode 64 and ends at episode 67, which is another short and simple arc.

Little Garden Arc

There are eight episodes in the Little Garden Arc, from episode 70-77. This arc was more focused on adventure than the other arcs before. The island the character’s are on seemed like a place straight out of a Jules Verne book because of the giant creatures and how isolated the island was. We also get two antagonists one of which is somewhat a wacky character, but that is how Eichiro Oda writes certain lackey type character’s before we get to the boss villain of the saga.

Giant Warrior Race - Alabasta Saga
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The thing I like about this arc is the character development, and the world building. A perfect character that gets the most character development is the character Usopp (you should probably know him by now), because he finds another reason to become a brave warrior of the sea. World building wise, we get introduced to the race known as the Giants and learn a few things about their history. Arcs like this is the reason why so many discussion topics are created involving the One Piece series.

Drum Island Arc

Doctor Kureha - Alabasta Saga
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The Drum Island Arc is one of those arcs that many fans would like to skip, but at the end of the day it’s still necessary to the overall story of One Piece. This arc is about 14 episodes long from episode 78-91, which is about six episodes longer than the Little Garden Arc. I personally have no problem with this arc, but if the arc was a lot shorter than maybe a lot of fans would appreciate this arc a little more. I don’t think this arc is completely bad because there are certainly redeemable qualities and things to learn from this arc. (Dr. Kureha)

The Drum Island Arc takes place on an island that is snowy and a little dreary, and I kinda see why many fans don’t like this arc. There is one female character that benefits from this arc because she gets more time to bond with the Straw Hat crew. Her sense of duty is showcased much more, and her background also gets revealed during this arc.

I almost forgot to mention a new antagonist gets introduced in this arc, and he’s another wacky bad guy. I also want to say that the Straw Hat’s get a new crew member who I enjoy as a character although many fans don’t, but if you watch this arc you’ll understand that he is essential to the crew. That’s all I want to discuss without spoiling too much of this arc, so let’s move on to the next arc discussion.

Wapol - Alabasta Saga
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Alabasta Arc

The Alabasta Arc starts at episode 92 and ends at episode 130, which is a grand total of 38 episodes. This is the longest number of episodes in an arc so far during the Alabasta Saga. There are two ways you can watch this arc which is by watching every episode while obviously skipping the filler episodes, or by watching a condensed movie version of the arc and then afterwards watching 7 important canonical episodes not shown in the movie.

Bananawani - Alabasta Saga
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If you choose the first option, which may take the most time getting through the arc, then you should skip filler episodes 93, 98-99, and 102.

Ace - Alabasta Saga
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Choosing the second option would mean you just have to watch One Piece Movie 8 (a.k.a. The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta), then watch episodes 94-96, 101, and 127-130.

First watch One Piece Movie 8, then the next thing you should watch is episode 94, which introduces a character very important to the main character. From episodes 95-96, this new character joins the Straw Hat’s quest, but then departs from the group in episode 101.


Finally, you should now watch episodes 127-130. In episode 127, two characters face a dilemma they must find a way to get past. Then in the episodes 128-130, a special friend does something daring for the Straw Hat’s and the Straw Hat’s get a new crew member.

Farewell Vivi - Alabasta Saga
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The second option may be a messy way to watch the arc, so if you’re not comfortable with this option, then choose the first option.

Extra Alabasta Saga Advice

While writing this article, I realized that it’s impossible to skip any episodes in the Alabasta Saga, except for maybe the last arc. I couldn’t find that many shortcuts in this saga like I did in the East Blue Saga. The Drum Island Arc of the Alabasta Saga is what really made it hard to keep things short and simple because of its 14 episode length. One of the character’s that was the center focus of the Drum Island Arc does have a two-hour TV special, but the continuity is completely invalid with the Alabasta Saga.

I will at least make it easier for you to have a better visual guide of the episodes you must watch in the Alabasta Saga. Here is the list of episodes below:

Yorki - Alabasta Saga
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Reverse Mountain Arc

Episodes 62-63



Miss Valentine - Alabasta Saga
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Whiskey Peak Arc

Episodes 64-67



Mr. 3 & Miss GW - Alabasta Saga
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Little Garden Arc

Episodes 70-77



Chopper - Alabasta Saga
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Drum Island Arc

Episodes 78-91



Vivi - Alabasta Saga
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Alabasta Arc

1st Option = Watch all episodes excluding filler = Episodes 92, 94-97, 100-101, and 103-130

2nd Option = Watch one movie and 7 episodes = One Piece Movie 8 & Episodes 94-96, 101, and 127-130


And just to let you know, every episode guide like this one works more effectively if you watch the subtitled episodes, TV specials, and movies of One Piece, or if you know how to speak the official Japanese language. You can watch the episodes with the English dubbings or other language dubbings depending on where you live, but One Piece Movie 8 unfortunately does not have a dub. If you do happen to choose a dub, choose the Funimation dub because it did everything right. The 4kids dub did everything wrong, so avoid watching the 4kids dub at all costs.

If you have any questions, then please let me know in the comment section below.



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