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One Piece Episode Guide #1 – East Blue Saga

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One piece is one of the longest running shonen series with an ending that seems nowhere in sight, which is why there needs to be a proper One Piece episode guide. The story is about a young pirate captain named Monkey D. Luffy with rubber superpowers, who dreams of becoming Pirate King by finding a treasure called the One Piece, and his pirate crew known as the Straw Hat’s will help their captain achieve his dream as well as achieving their own dreams.

Luffy Holding the Straw Hat Jolly Roger
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On July 22, 1997, the Japanese manga series One Piece began its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which as of 2018 has over 910 manga chapters. And then an anime adaptation started broadcasting in Japan on October 20, 1999, which as of 2018 has garnered over 840 anime episodes.

The many manga chapters and anime episodes of One Piece can be very overwhelming to audiences who have not gotten into the series yet. So I have been developing a One Piece episode guide for audiences to catch up to the series as fast as possible.

There are several sagas of the One Piece series that I will discuss in individual post to guide you on how to watch a condensed version of each saga while still retaining important plot points. Although, starting in this post I will discuss how you can watch the East Blue Saga of One Piece in just 16 episodes and 2 TV specials, which is a stark contrast to the actual 61 episodes of this saga.

The Baratie Arc

East Blue Saga Sanji
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Now this arc of the East Blue Saga comprises about 10 episodes, which starts from episode 20 and ends at episode 30. The reason why you should start the anime series here is that it’s the most engaging and action-packed arc than the arcs that came before. There are important plot points in the previous arcs, but you’ll find out about them in one of the TV specials which will be at the end this East Blue Saga guide.

The TV special that I just mentioned is called One Piece: Episode of East Blue, and it explores story lines of each individual character of the Straw Hat pirate crew, but the events that took place around the character of Sanji in this TV special isn’t given the right amount of attention. So the 10 episodes of the Baratie Arc explains these events in well-deserved detail than the TV special. It will be completely worth it to watch episodes 20 to 30 first as you proceed in viewing this series because it will help you understand  the comedy, tension, and the characters resolve to keep pursuing their dreams even if it kills them.

The Arlong Park Arc

In the episodic format, this arc starts from episode 31 and ends at episode 45. But you can watch the condensed version

Luffy Rescues Nami
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of this arc by watching the TV special called One Piece: Episode of Nami.

If you watch this TV special you’ll notice a drastic art and animation change, because the TV special was released almost 15 years after the Baratie Arc. But the great art and animation style used in the TV special makes the episodic format look like a joke. There is an even shorter recap of this arc in One Piece: Episode of East Blue TV special, but it’s better to watch Episode of Nami because the fighting choreography is fantastic and there is more emotional weight in this version.

You should definitely skip episodes 31 to 45 and just watch One Piece: Episode of Nami TV special. This storyline is the arc that hooks most audiences into the series, and the animators were able to retain everything that was special about this arc into one TV special. The two hour length of this TV special is like watching six episodes  of One Piece.

Again, you have to watch this arc to understand the character Nami before you continue watching the series any further. The fights in One Piece: Episode of Nami look way more intense and greatly polished than the episodic format, so I believe this TV special is a better experience.

The Loguetown Arc

Dragon in Loguetown
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The arc with just four episodes in the East Blue Saga is the Loguetown Arc. It may seem like this mini arc is not a big deal, but it actually planted the seed for greatness in the future of the series.

Now there are two filler episodes in this arc that are not important to the story at all. The only episodes that you need to watch in this arc are episodes 48-49 and episodes 52-53.

I believe the reason these are important episodes is that the Straw Hat crew discover special equipment and weapons, the crew clash with old enemies as well as creating rivals, we get some history on the previous Pirate King, and a certain character appears that foreshadows a major revelation in the future. That is all I can say without spoiling anything for those who want to experience some great aspects of this arc.

East Blue Saga Finale

After you completed watching the previous arcs mentioned above, the next step is to watch a certain TV special called One Piece: Episode of East Blue. The Episode of East Blue perfectly recaps each Straw Hat characters story arcs through their entire East Blue voyage.

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There were a couple arcs that started before the Baratie Arc, but those arcs were not as engaging and this is where many audiences checked out of the anime series. But the point of this argument is that you get to see a condensed version of the arcs before Baratie by watching the Episode of East Blue TV special.

Shanks Saves Luffy
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The only thing you need to watch in Episode of East Blue are the first three character story arcs you didn’t see, so after you finish watching the character arcs of Luffy, Zoro, and Usopp, you can stop watching the TV special because the rest of the TV special is just recapping the Baratie Arc and Arlong Park Arc. And trust me when I say that the TV special will help you understand the entire scope of those first three characters story arcs, which are essential for you to know before moving on with the series.

Extra East Blue Saga Advice

In order to make this guide easier to understand, I will list every anime episode and TV special in the order you must follow. Here is my easy-to-follow One Piece episode guide of the East Blue Saga:

Baratie Arc

  • Episodes 20-30

Arlong Park Arc

  • One Piece: Episode of Nami

Loguetown Arc

  • Episodes 48-49
  • Episodes 52-53

East Blue Saga Finale

  • One Piece: Episode of East Blue
  • Episode 61 [First Half Filler]

This guide is just for audiences who want to catch up to the series as fast as possible. You don’t have to follow this guide if you rather take the long route and watch every episode in order. Although, if you watch the anime series the long way, then you might want to skip the filler episodes of the East Blue Saga which are episodes 50-51 and episodes 54-60 as well as skipping the first half of episode 61.

Also Episode of Nami and Episode of East Blue premiered 12-17 years after the actual East Blue Saga, so if you don’t like the change in animation, then just watch episodes 1-19 and episodes 31-44 that cover those two TV specials. And the TV special don’t have any other kind of dubs, so you have to watch them subtitled, and for consistency  I recommend that you watch any episode or movie of One Piece subtitled.

I hope my episode guide of the One Piece East Blue Saga was helpful to anyone who wants to get into series the easiest way possible. I will definitely continue posting more episode guides of the other One Piece Sagas, which is where the story gets much more exciting.

If you have any questions to ask about this post, then please send your comments down below.



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