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One of the Top Anime Series This Winter Season – The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Episode 2

Raphtalia in Training

Anime episode 2 for The Rising of the Shield Hero was released January 16, 2019, depending on the time zone you live in. The anime episode can also be streamed online at the website known as Crunchyroll. This series continues to be one of the top anime series during winter season of anime in 2019.

The Rising of the Shield Hero anime episode 2 was more about exploring new things and understanding this world. This episode also mainly focuses on two characters and their development in the story, and their dynamic is the reason why I say this is one of the top anime series this season. The gloominess created after the last episode continues into this episode, but there were cheerful moments as well. There were no problems with the cinematography, and only a few things stood out in terms of animation and sound.

What makes The Rising of the Shield Hero one of the top anime series this winter season? Well, I’ll tell you my points more in detail involving episode 2 down in the paragraphs that follow.



Naofumi & Raphtalia Exploring a Mine

This episode is about the Shield Hero buying a slave named Raphtalia from a slave dealer. The Shield Hero grooms Raphtalia and trains her to know how to fight. As time passes, the two begin to form a bond and rely on each other in order to survive.


Character Setup

Naofumi Not Playing GamesAs I have said above, this episode mainly focuses on two characters, which are the Shield Hero and Raphtalia.

The Shield Hero is still bitter from the events that occurred in the last episode. He has become an individual who will do anything just to survive, even buy a slave to fight for him since he can’t do it himself. It may seem like he is mean and doesn’t care for others, but you can see that the nice guy he was is still there because he cares about the health and safety of Raphtalia.

Raphtalia is a slave that the Shield Hero bought from the slave dealer. She is a demi-human who is not at all a fighter, but the Shield Hero trains her to be capable of fighting. Raphtalia is worried about who the Shield Hero is at first, but she slowly bonds with the Shield Hero throughout the episode. She does have a tragic backstory that brought her where she is now, and it may affect her moving forward in the series.


Tone & Themes

Raphtalia Frightened StiffMost of the episode is gloomy and dark, which was created by the main character’s change in attitude from the last episode. From what I’ve seen in episode 2, the main character exhibits strange behavior and says terrible things he does not mean. All I’m saying is that his negative behavior affects the tone of the series. There are hopeful moments whenever the main character does something nice for Raphtalia and care for her health and safety.

Based on anyone’s thoughts of this episode, there are many themes someone can pull from the episodes plot. There is a theme vaguely telling the audience that people are people and not objects, and something is said in the episode that conflicts with this ideal. Another theme is about finding your purpose and not letting your reason for living go to waste. The themes I just mentioned are the only themes that stand out the most to me in this episode.



A Demi-Human SlaveThe art, animation, camera shots, camera angles, and transitions were perfectly directed and I did not notice any flaws. The purple electrical shock coming from the slave crest looked both beautiful and dangerous whenever Raphtalia disobeys Naofumi. There was also a lot of blood in this episode that came from a monster being injured or from one of the characters. Another thing I liked was a long shot of a waterfall in a mine, especially as Naofumi and Raphtalia jumped from a cliff near the waterfall.

The music, voice acting, and sound effects were appropriately utilized in every scene. I will remember if I said this in my last review, but the series has one of the best songs and animation for its opening theme during the season of anime. Even though I don’t understand a word of it, I like the song for the closing theme because it sounds a deep message.

The OST within the episode was also excellent, and the music that stands out to me the most is when Raphtalia had to kill a dangerous rabbit and when they had to fight a two-headed dog creature. The voice actor for Naofumi really got more into the gloomy attitude of the character in this episode than the last episode. I also like the voice actress for the character Raphtalia because she really makes a character sound like someone who’s been through hell.


The Rising of the Shield Hero Anime Episode 2 – Final Thoughts

Naofumi & Raphtalia Surviving TogetherI like this episode, but I can already see people complaining about its use of slavery. Let me just say that the main character is in another world with different rules and the main character is really protecting the slave that he bought. This is why the main character questioned whether he should save the world he’s in because of how they treated him in the last episode and how corrupt it may be.

Anyway, the episode had an excellent plot of two characters getting used to each other. These two characters make the episode what it was and they both developed greatly and create a strong dynamic. The tone showed how much both characters are in a dark place, although, Raphtalia may have had it the worst of the two. Lastly, I did not notice any flaws with the cinematography and I like the daring direction they took with the animation.

Based on my analysis, I give this episode a score of 8.5 out of 10.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.

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