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One of the Best Action Fantasy Anime Leftover for 2019 – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Episode 14 Review

Rimuru Catching a Magic Blast

Anime episode 14 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is an incredible episode dropped January 8, 2019, by Japanese time zone standards. This anime episode proves how That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is one of the best action fantasy anime, especially for kick starting 2019.

Let me briefly explain why this episode is a good example showing how this series is one of the best action fantasy anime.

The anime episode goes in such unexpected directions and all the plot points were excellently paced. Many characters got screen time, but it was mainly focused on the protagonist and the antagonist. The tone is full of intense action and sentimental moments. Furthermore, the cinematography is slightly better than the previous episode, which I’ll explain why later.

I will give you my more detailed thoughts for one of the best action fantasy anime to start 2019 in the paragraphs that follow.



Gelmud on the Offensive

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime episode 14 begins the battle between Rimuru’s party and the Orc Lord including the rest of his army. Gelmud, the one who named the Orc Lord, also makes an appearance on the battlefield. Rimuru’s subordinates throw everything at the ever evolving Orc who does not want to go down. So it is up to Rimuru to take down this menacing monster alone once and for good.


Character Setup

Another Side to the Orc LordThe main character Rimuru is obviously the only one capable enough of taking down the Orc Lord. Rimuru calmly assesses the battlefield and takes swift action, showing how much he is in control of the situation. He made very wise combat decisions and eventually found a way to defeat Orc Lord.

All the other monsters used their most powerful abilities to attack the Orc Lord, but none of their attacks phased him. They quickly realized that there was nothing they could you, so they took a step back and allowed Rimuru to take care of the rest.

The majin Gelmud crashes the battlefield to rectify the problems that the Rimuru party has caused him. He really had no idea who he was dealing with, and he was shamefully taken down.

Also, the Orc Lord showed that he was not a one layered character, but rather he was multilayered and his weakness got exploited from what was revealed in his past. Other than that, he was not a force to be reckoned with and displayed nightmarish abilities that made it difficult to defeat him.


Tone & Themes

Hakurou SurprisedThere were many types of tone being shifted around and combined in this episode. The episode had a great amount of intense action, and sometimes there was very disturbing imagery added onto the action. Since the main character is so powerful, everything seemed safe for the good guys. All the fighting made it look like a nuclear explosion went off, but surrounding these high-stakes were moments where you felt empathetic or even sympathetic for certain characters.

The lesson learned in this episode is that you should not play with people as if they were puppets just to get what you want. Now, a theme that I noticed in this episode was about the lengths someone would go, even if it was sinful, in order to protect their family or friends.



The art and animation in this episode was just as good and sometimes better than the previous episode. A few times in the episode the lighting would change to fit the dark, foggy swamp of the lizardmen, a brownish gray hue was used to show a desperate scene, and a very colorful scene to show how peaceful a situation has gotten.Rimuru in a Great Sage Automatic Mode

There are also many shots where the animators put a lot of emphasis on a few character’s eyes, and the two that stand out the most are the eyes of Gelmud and the Orc Lord. For example, to show how intimidating the Orc Lord is, his eyes are animated bright red and it stands out even more when the character’s body is silhouetted.

A new closing theme was included in this episode, and the composition music makes you feel at ease. It was also well animated showing how far the character has come from episode 1 to episode 14. The voice acting was great as well such as with the performance of Rimuru having a calm resolve in his voice, Gabiru voicing his concern of his wounded subordinates, and the Orc Lord expressing his need to sate his hunger.


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Episode 14 – Final Thoughts

Rimuru Giving a Farewell to GeldI really love this episode because it expresses all the things of why this series is so good. The fighting was just pure eye candy, the characters and their actions affect plot greatly, and I like the diverse cast of monsters working together to create peace. This phenomenal episode shows that there is a promising future for even more incredible story lines to come about from this series.

The plot of this episode went in such a surprising and promising direction. What made the episode possible were the character interactions and their strength to resolve a conflict. The tone may have been gruesome, but the episode slowly became more sentimental, which included the theme of shouldering a burden to protect your loved ones. Lastly, the cinematography was a gold mine of invigorating animation, intense shots, strong voice performances, and good music.

Based on my analysis, I give this episode a score of 10 out of 10.

I would be grateful if you gave me your thoughts about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.

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