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New Adventure Anime Series for Fall 2018 – Radiant Ep. 1 Review

Seth 1

On October 6, 2018, a new shonen adventure anime series called Radiant was released, which was licensed by Crunchyroll and Funimation. The Radiant anime is based on a French manga with the same name, which was created by French author Tony Valente.

Studio Lerche created the Radiant anime with the help of directors Daisei Fukuoka and Seiji Kishi as well as writer Makoto Uezu. This adventure anime series also seems to be produced by NHK.

Genres included in this series are action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, and drama.

The first episode of the Radiant anime exceeded all my expectations. The adventure anime series starts off with a great plot, with great characters, with an engaging atmosphere, and the animation & sound is seemingly flawless. I definitely have to give my review of the first episode, and I’ll review every episode after.

The Premise

Seth 2
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Radiant is a world where heroes and demons are created by using the power of fantasia. One day the world gets attacked by an evil threat known as the Nemesis. Anyone who comes in contact with the Nemesis will be infected with fear or death, but the infection does not fatally affect certain people who end up becoming wizards that fight the Nemesis.

The first episode introduces the audience to the central protagonist named Seth who is a young inexperienced wizard. He seems to be someone that causes a lot of trouble for the villagers of Pompo Hills.

Seth and I’m assuming his guardian/teacher Alma are two wizards living in the village, but anyone not infected by the Nemesis despise wizards because they believe wizards bring destruction wherever they go. The only way Seth believes that the uninfected will trust wizards is by him becoming the best wizard and defeating all the Nemesis.

Character Setup

Alma - Top Left Corner of Image
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The protagonist Seth is a brash teenager who doesn’t think things through, and he has not fully grasped his wizard training. His heart is in the right place, but he still needs to learn how to be more responsible when using his powers. He is also a person that doesn’t give up and he promised himself that he will become the greatest wizard in the world.

Alma is a wizard who is responsible for Seth from what it seems. She is a strong and intimidating wizard that doesn’t take crap from anyone, although, when Seth gets in trouble she is the one that has to clean up his mess. While Alma is fighting the Nemesis on another island, a mysterious group of wizards show up to help Seth fight a Nemesis monster, so nothing else is known about this group yet.

Mood & Narration

Seth & Unknown Person
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The first episode shows that the anime series seems to balance between a lighthearted atmosphere and a serious atmosphere fairly well. It didn’t seem like any of the characters of Pompo Hills were in danger until the end of the episode.

They pull off the comedic timing great as well when the protagonist was involved in some hijinks. It’s also hilarious when the people of the village get intimidated by Alma’s presence. But it does get tense when the uninfected began to show their negative feelings against the infected wizards.

Animation & Sound

stop In this episode, I really enjoyed the animation because there was some fluidity in the characters movements and nothing was lazily drawn. There were a few’s shot that look like masterpieces of artwork within this episode. For example, there was a shot of Alma’s house floating in the sky with a giant full moon in the background, and it just looked beautiful. The animators put a lot of artistic integrity in just one episode.

Artistic Scenery of the Woods Example
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There was a perfect synergy of different instruments being played, and some of these instruments such as a guitar, violin, tuba, flute, drums, and several other instruments I can’t even name were all used perfectly and in the right scenes. One complaint I will say about the protagonist is that I’m not completely on board with the voice acting, because Seth sounds like a girl to me and I think he should sound more masculine.

I do love the opening theme because it used pop rock music telling us the audience how fantastical this fictional world is. And there was a fun cutsey J pop song for the ending theme to match the chibi animation they used throughout the theme, which ended the episode peaceful.

Radiant Ep. 1 – Final Thoughts

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I have to say that I immediately fell in love with this new anime series, just from the first episode. I am absolutely certain that this series is going to be awesome. Even though the original source material was created by someone who is French, this series seems exactly like something made from Japan. The French author Tony Valente has a fairly great understanding of how manga stories are created in Japan, and now we have a great anime coming from his work.

Everything about this series just sucked me in because the plot is compelling, some characters are easily likable, I like the balance between peace and disorder, and the animation is just beautiful. The only problem I have is the voice of Seth and I would rather him sound more masculine.

That is all I have to say in this review. If you have any questions or give me your opinion, then please let me know in the comments or privately on the contact page.


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