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Many Adventurers Unite to Fight Goblins – Goblin Slayer Anime Episode 11 Review

Professional Adventurer

Goblin Slayer anime episode 11 dropped Japanese television December 23, 2018. The episode can also be streamed online on one of the greatest anime websites known as Crunchyroll. Something inconceivable happens in this anime episode of Goblin Slayer, which is the fact that a band of adventurers unite to help the main character fight a dangerous number of goblins.

This episode had some complex moments as well as being very entertaining. After being promised a reward, the adventurers unite to fight goblins, and several characters got a lot of time to shine in just one episode. The tone of this episode was packed with drama, emotion, action, and gore, including many incredible themes. The animators nailed the cinematography in moments of dialogue as well as moments of action. I’ll give you my detailed thoughts about this episode down in the paragraphs below.



Band of Adventurers

In Goblin Slayer anime episode 11, the main character found clues that a horde of goblins are preparing to attack the ranch he’s been protecting. The only way for Goblin Slayer to protect the ranch is by enlisting the help of all the adventurers at the Guild. Many of the adventurers are reluctant to help at first, but when promised a reward the adventures unite to fight goblins alongside Goblin Slayer.


Character Setup

Cow Girl Refuses to LeaveAs Goblin Slayer realizes a horde of goblins will soon attack the ranch, he immediately tells Cow Girl to evacuate. Goblin Slayer has usually fought goblins alone or with a party, but it was surprising to see him ask for the other adventurers at the Guild for help in this episode. The thing I noticed about Goblin Slayer is that his biggest strength is strategy and utilizing the skills of others.

Cow Girl has her moment when she feels like it’s her responsibility to never leave Goblin Slayer behind on the ranch. This puts Goblin Slayer in a very difficult position, but he gets convinced to agree to Cow Girl’s wishes.

In order to defend the ranch, Goblin Slayer has no choice but to ask for the adventurers at the Guild to help him fight the goblins. The High Elf gets frustrated when the other adventurers insult Goblin Slayer for even asking for their assistance. Everything gets settled once all the adventurers are promised a huge reward, so they all agree to help Goblin Slayer for the reward.

The one thing that was strange about this episode was that there was not much happening with the Priestess. The series make it seem like she’s one of the most important characters in the story. It is not really that much of a problem since this episode gave other characters that we don’t see much sometime to shine and show some characterization.

I also want to mention the antagonist of this episode, and that solely rest on the shoulders of the Goblin Lord. The Goblin Lord definitely shows that he is the top ranked goblins and his leadership skills are terrifying. Goblin Slayer would not stand a chance alone against the Goblin Lord and his legion of goblins.


Tone & Themes

Human ShieldsAt the beginning of the episode in scenes involving Cow Girl, the atmosphere is slightly dramatic and emotional for a short period. By the time Goblin Slayer asks for help from the adventurers to fight the goblins, the atmosphere gets a little ugly with some characters judgmental behavior. The atmosphere gets slightly emotional again when Goblin Slayer says he’ll give up everything including his life to receive their help, although, dying was out of the exception because he doesn’t want Cow Girl to cry.

After the adventurers here about a reward for killing goblins, the scene becomes more positive and enthusiastic. When all the adventurers start to fight the goblins, the action looks so entertaining and fun to watch. Of course is human watching the series thus far, then you know there is a lot of blood and gore.

A theme that reveals itself at the beginning of episode was about never leaving behind someone or something precious to you, and protecting them or it no matter the consequences. Another theme that I noticed in a scene at the adventurers Guild was that you should give something in return if you’re asking for help, no matter how big or small the reward that is offered. There are many other themes spread out through the episode, but the most important theme was about having strength in numbers as well as skill sets.


Animation & Sound

The Mage Casting a Sleep SpellThe animation in the first half of the episode was great for the most part, except there was a very brief moment that had CG animation of Goblin Slayer that stood out way too much. After watching the episode a second time, I noticed a quick flashback shot of how revolting goblins can be, which was a reminder of how bad it would be if such heinous things happened to Cow Girl. The action was also directed well, and the CG animation of the goblins in certain scenes was almost seamless.

I like the somber music they played in a couple scenes such as when Goblin Slayer said he would give up everything he owns as a reward for helping him slay goblins. The sound effects were directed well with the sound of spells being cast, the swishing sound of heads being decapitated, the sound of blood splattering, the sound of the ground quaking beneath the feet of hobgoblins and goblin champions, and so much more. Also, the voice acting was decent, although, there were certain scenes where voice actors brought more emotion to the dialogue of characters.


Goblin Slayer Anime Episode 11 – Final Thoughts

Goblin Slayer Is a BossI’m glad we came back to a great episode after last week gave us an unnecessary recap episode. I was very satisfied with Goblin Slayer episode 11 because the episode brought some emotional moments where I almost cried as well as some good old gory action. The way that Goblin Slayer use strategy with every single adventurer to combat the goblin horde was just bad ass. Based on Goblin Slayer’s display of combat, he could have been the hero if he went on more adventures, studied how to fight other dangerous creatures, and practice fighting with enchanted swords.

The plot of this episode was so refreshing and entertaining to watch, especially after not getting a real episode last week. There were great complexities and dynamics between certain characters as well as more characterization for characters that don’t get enough shine. Everything meshed well with the emotional, dramatic, intense, violent, and enthusiastic moments. And there were many strong and inspirational themes sprinkled throughout the episode. Also, the cinematography was basically flawless within the episode, except one glaring moment of annoying CG animation.

Based on my analysis, I give this episode a score of 9.5 out of 10.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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