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Ep-5 – Majestic Castle

Radiant episode 5 dropped November 3, 2018, on Japanese television as well as being broadcast on Crunchyroll. The main character Seth has now been introduced to a magic paradise of sorcerers. It feels like this episode is the start of the actual series and the previous episodes was just an epilogue for the story.

The plot of this episode just made the world of the series much bigger than we thought because it shows the audience so many awesome things of this magic paradise in Artemis. The new characters that appear in this episode are sometimes interesting and sometimes a riot. Artemis Academy sets a comfortable tone, plus the art and animation is superb, and there was nothing wrong with sound.

Enough with the formalities and let’s get into the meat of this episode in my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious review, and if you don’t know how to pronounce that long word, then you haven’t watched the classic film Mary Poppins.



Ep-5 – Master Lord MajestyLadies and gentlemen and other types of people, may I have your attention pretty please with sugar on top. Seth finally finds his way into the magic paradise of Artemis Academy being dumbfounded by everything he sees. But Seth ends up getting bamboozled by a yellow cat who cons the naïve sorcerer into paying a huge debt, which I gotta say was freaking hilarious.

Afterwards, Seth and Melie cause so much mayhem for poor little old Doc causing him to fall into a temporary mental breakdown. All is well in the end and Seth finds the person he was looking for.


Character Setup

Well, Seth experiences something he will never forget. Of course, Seth does what he does and causes so much trouble without any care the world. Melie also adds to the trouble with her carelessness and her temper, and it’s like Melie and Seth are the dynamic duo of trouble.

Ep-5 – Doc in TearsDoc believes he has gotten rid of Seth at first, but the exact opposite happens and now he is forced to be the guardian of Seth. It seems that Doc has had the worst day of life taking care of two troublemakers.

We also get introduced to a yellow cat known as Master Lord Majesty, which is the sorcerer Alma warned Seth about, but he didn’t listen and got conned by the tricky feline. The yellow cat is actually the founder of Artemis Academy, and he has a way about him where you just want to strangle him, but then you realize he always does these somewhat nefarious things to protect all sorcerers in his domain.

Dragunov of the Inquisition wanted to raid Artemis Academy to capture Seth, but powerful sorcerers were not having that and prepared for war, so the Inquisition had to call off the raid.

Seth finally finds Yaga by the end of the episode, and Seth probably will get whooped into shape by Yaga’s unknown training in the next episode. There is some other stuff that happens at the end of episode, but it feels like I might be giving out spoilers for those who haven’t watched the episode.


Tone & Themes

Ep-5 – Melie UnchainedThis episode was not serious at all even when powerful sorcerers were ready for war against the Inquisition. Everything was carefree and no one in Artemis Academy had to worry about the non-infected being hostile towards sorcerers. But by the end of the episode it gets a bit ominous with a certain character.

The main theme of this episode is that sometimes people have to sacrifice some of their freedom for protection and to maintain happiness. In the case of this episode, the sacrifice is about owing a debt by hunting the nemesis or from other services Artemis Academy needs their members to perform.


Animation & Sound

Ep-5 – Evening Sky of ArtemisThe art and animation was great as always. Artemis Academy is an absolute marvel with its grandiose architecture and Majestic Castle looked like it took a page straight out of Disney. I like the episodes use of reflective colors upon surfaces and people during the passage of time from daytime reflecting cool colors to the evening sunset reflecting warm colors.

The animators did a great job animating the characters diverse color palette because the characters are designed so drastically different from each other. The yellow cat Majesty’s design is still growing on me, but I do like the design of his assistants, the lady at the front desk of the entrance to Artemis, and the design of Yaga is very creative.

I didn’t notice any flaws with the animation or camera shots and angles. They used sound effects where they needed to, there is nothing wrong with the music, and the voice acting was mostly average, but sometimes above-average.


Radiant Ep. 5 Review – Final Thoughts

Ep-5 – Majesty Saying See You LaterThis episode of Radiant definitely stood out more among the previous four episodes. I really like the design, architecture, and colors used for the magic paradise of Artemis. It also seems like Artemis is an impenetrable fortress to keep sorcerers safe from the outside world.

The plot of this episode has made me more excited for this series, many of the characters introduced in this episode were unique, the atmosphere of Artemis seemed hopeful and safe, and the animation as well as the sound was flawless. I got to give this episode a score of 9 out of 10.

Please send any comments you have about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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