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Japanese Sumo Wrestling Rivals – Hinomaru Sumo Episode 3 Review

Ep -3 – Odachi High Sumo Club

Hinomaru Sumo episode 3 was released in Japan on October 19, 2018. A Japanese sumo wrestling rival of the main character finally appears in episode 3 of the series.

My interest in the series increases in each episode, and episode 3 was no exception. The characterization and the fights as well as the Japanese sumo wrestling rivalry are the best parts of the episode, and I’ll explain my thoughts about it in this review. I will also give my thoughts on the other aspects of this episode.


In episode 3, the Odachi High sumo club go to Eigi High to practice with the sumo wrestling students of the top High School for sumo wrestling in the Kanto region. Nearly half of the Odachi High students unfortunately were not successful in the sumo matches. Also, two Japanese sumo wrestling rivals unexpectedly meet at Eigi High and they get into a sumo match, but the match ends unresolved.

Character Setup

Ep-3 – Sosuke
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The character Kirihito takes it upon himself to be the supervisor of Odachi High’s sumo club. He has known Hinomaru since elementary school. Kirihito’s first step to getting the sumo club to nationals is by having the club members practice with a top high school for sumo wrestling.

Only three of the Odachi High students are unsuccessful in their matches, but it shows they need more experience in sumo wrestling. Chihiro, who is not skilled in sumo, did have mixed martial arts skills that helped him be victorious in a match.

The captain of the Eigi High sumo club, Yomoda, was gracious enough to make arrangements with Kirihito to let Odachi High sumo wrestlers have a practice bout with Eigi High sumo wrestlers.

Other new characters that appear are two Eigi High sumo wrestlers named Sosuke and Shun. Sosuke is the son of the Yokozuna, as well as a rival of Hinomaru.

Tone & Themes

At the beginning of the episode, most of the characters were shocked to get a sumo club supervisor that wanted them to participate in a sumo wrestling bout with another high school sumo club in no time at all. Even though I felt bad for some characters having a humiliating defeat, it was kind of hilarious at the same time.

I say things got more intense when the main character fought two characters, one of them being his rival. One of the characters unknowingly broke the fourth wall when he said, “well that was a somber ending,” as the episode was ending, and I thought that was kind of funny.

The themes of the episode was about getting experience, facing your competition, and having the resolve to reach your ambition.

Animation & Sound

Hinomaru 3
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when there was no fighting the animation and sound was average, but in a good way. The animation and sound went above average during fight scenes, especially when two rival characters got into a sumo practice bout.

The fighting choreography was intense, even though the characters were just in a sumo practice bout. Also, the voice actors got really deep in character for the emotional rivalry between Sosuke and Hinomaru.

Hinomaru Sumo Episode 3 – Final Thoughts

This episode gave the audience a little more progress with the story than the last episode. The highlight of these last three episode episodes have been the fights, but I know that sooner or later there’s going to be episodes where there is training. I am okay with training episodes as long as they make them fun and exciting.

I mostly like this episode for the two rival characters and the sumo wrestling between them. The theme of fighting for your ambition definitely resonated with me. And the animation for the fights was great as it always is in each episode.

That’s all I have to say in this review. Send me any comments you might have about this review or about the episode down below.


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