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Impressive Anime Airing Now – Goblin Slayer Anime Episode 6 Review

Ep-6 – Goblin Slaying Time

Goblin Slayer anime episode 6 dropped November 11, 2018, on Japanese television as well as having a broadcast on Crunchyroll. It’s fair to say that Goblin Slayer so far is a very impressive anime airing now for fall 2018.

The story for this anime episode is full of action and complex plot points. Also, Goblin slayer is a great anime airing now because of how this anime episode showed how important the characters are to drive the plot of the story. I will discuss more about the plot and characters as well as the tone, themes, and cinematography in this review.



Goblin Slayer has received a request from the Archbishop of Watertown to slay a goblin menace causing problems in the town. The priestess, high elf, dwarf shaman, and the lizardman priest all agree to join Goblin Slayer on this mission to slay goblins.

Ep-6 – The Hero


Character Setup

Ep-6 – Sword MaidenGoblin Slayer is as stoic as ever, not caring at all about The Hero that took down a bunch of the Demon Lord underlings. He wants to slay some goblins in Watertown, but the team gives him a set of rules to follow if they join him in slaying goblins.

Once they get to Watertown, Goblin Slayer is not very tactful when speaking to the Sword Maiden, who requested for Goblin Slayer to take down goblins. Even though a few rules prevented Goblin Slayer from doing something dangerous, the team was still able to defeat all the goblins.


Tone & Themes

Ep-6 – The Sewers of Water TownSince this is a dark fantasy series, you probably already mostly know the tone of Goblin Slayer. But this episode is more than dark and gritty. There is plenty of action in this episode, and by the end of the episode the team finds a mystery on their hands about the goblins.

There are two themes I noticed in this episode. When it comes to Goblin Slayer, he has to learn that there are plenty of ways to do things without it getting messy. And the other theme is that sometimes politics can get the way of what’s really important.


Animation & Sound

Ep-6 – Goblin Slayer Slice & DiceThe animation is great, with a few instances of CG animation. When the characters are above ground everything is bright and clear. But when the characters go below ground to slay goblins, the atmosphere gets dark and unclear.

The sound effects made the scenes seem realistic and the music worked with the tone of the episode. The voice work in this episode is as good as the voice work in the previous two episodes.


Goblin Slayer Anime Episode 6 – Final Thoughts

Ep-6 – Goblin Slayer TeamI like this episode because it emphasizes even further how the goblins keep evolving and why they are so much of a threat. I also like the introduction of The Hero and the Sword Maiden. The Hero and her team defeated the minions of the Demon Lord, so I wonder how strong they are compared to Goblin Slayer’s team.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger at about a mystery involving the goblins, which means Goblin Slayer’s team are probably not done slaying goblins a Watertown. I think the main group of characters are getting more comfortable with each other’s presence, and I like to see if they do more than slay goblins.

I am going to give this episode a score of 9 out of 10.

Please let me know if you have a thing to say about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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