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Goblin Lord Is Nothing but a Filthy Goblin

Goblin Slayer anime episode 12 dropped December 30, 2018, on Japanese television. This episode can currently be streamed online on the website known as Crunchyroll. In the final episode for this season of Goblin Slayer, the main character of the series has his newly found potential realized.

This anime episode continues the fight against the Goblin Lord and introduces other relevant plot threads. There are some great instances of characterization for certain characters, and the main character showcases a little character development. The first half of the episode maintains the dark and violent nature of the series, while the second half gives the audience the light and peaceful side of events. The cinematography was at its best in this episode of Goblin Slayer thus far. Now I will explain my points more in detail down in the paragraphs below.



Goblin Slayer Confronts the Goblin Lord

While the other adventurers finish off the rest of the goblin horde, Goblin Slayer confronts the Goblin Lord fleeing the battlefield. The two opponents fight in an intense standoff-like battle where only one will come out alive. Also, this battle results in Goblin Slayer having his true potential realized. Elsewhere, the adventurers fight the few remaining goblins, specifically the Goblin Champions, in their own intense battle.


Character Setup

Spearman Takes on a Goblin ChampionGoblin Slayer’s objective is to defeat the Goblin Lord in battle. Later in the episode, Goblin Slayer has his potential realized by deciding to become an adventurer while he’s still young.

Like I said before, the adventurers were taking care of the remaining goblins. Both Heavy- Swordsman and Spearman challenged the two Goblin Champions in a fight. Rookie Warrior got his first goblin kill ever in his entire life. Also, Priestess got one goblin kill on the battlefield, which would make Goblin Slayer so proud.


Tone & Themes

Character Development for Goblin SlayerThe tone in the first half of the episode was dark and violent, exactly what the series Goblin Slayer usually is about. There is also a fascinating amount of action in the first half of the episode. In the second half of the episode, the tone gets a bit more on the light and peaceful side of things after the adventurers defeat the goblin horde.

The main theme of this episode is that working with other people can change your outlook on what you want to be as a person or what your purpose could be in life. For example, this is shown when Goblin Slayer have adventurers flocking around him showing how much they support him. This leads him to understand why it’s more beneficial to become an adventurer because he has people to help him when he needs it and the experience will help him develop new ways of slaying goblins.


Animation & Sound

Sunrise over the Horizon of the FarmThe animators really outdid themselves with the art, visuals, and shots to end this season of Goblin Slayer off with a bang. I like the Western style standoff shot they used between Goblin Slayer and the Goblin Lord as they were prepared to fight. The Heavy-Swordsman slicing a Goblin Champion was both brutal and satisfying at the same time.

I did notice how the sun rose over the horizon in a couple scenes, and I’m not sure what it meant, but it did look beautiful. The other thing I noticed is that they did not use CG animation at all for Goblin Slayer, and I wish they did this in every episode because the 2D animation always makes the main character look more intense.

The music was directed well in this episode, and I like that sentimental tune they used when Priestess was using her healing spell on Goblin Slayer because it gives me a more optimistic feel about life. Also, the performance of the voice actors was splendid in every scene of the episode.


Goblin Slayer Anime Episode 12 – Final Thoughts

Goblin Slayer Taking a QuestThis episode of Goblin Slayer maybe one of my favorite episodes of the series as well as a great finale for the season. The episode hit all the right beats with characterization, character development, wonderful story telling, great action, darkness, some lightheartedness, and tear jerking moments. I felt completely satisfied with the way this season ended and what we can potentially receive in future seasons of the series.

The plot of this episode was just perfect with how it captured the essence of the series. There was a great amount characterization and some characters got great development. The tone was dark as it should be, but it was balanced well with a bit lightheartedness by the second half of the episode. I found that the main theme of this episode is strong enough to resonate with a lot of people. Lastly, the cinematography was very exciting to observe and it expressed the message of what the episode was about.

Based on my analysis, I give this episode a score of 10 out of 10.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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