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Find out Which Anime Episodes Got the Top 3 Spots – 2019’s Anime Bundle Review of the Week #3

Mob Explodes with Rage

The anime episodes that were released between February 25 and March 1 out of 2019 were great, but only the top 3 shined the brightest in this anime bundle review of the week. Now, the bottom 3 anime episodes were entertaining, but they either didn’t have the strongest plot or seemed rushed.

Anyway, the anime episodes in question for this week’s anime bundle review are Boogiepop and Others, Dororo, Mob Psycho 100 II, Reincarnated as a Slime, The Promised Neverland, and The Rising of the Shield Hero. Below, you will see which episodes got the top 3 spots and which ones got the bottom 3 spots for this anime bundle review.


#1 The Promised Neverland Episode 8

Sister Krone Gets a PromotionSister Krone seemingly gets a promotion and the kid’s hatch their plan to investigate what is above the wall, but things do not go as planned. Krone takes unexpected action that will impact the story greatly, a new character lurking in the shadows appears, the kid’s now understand where they stand at the farm, and the episode shows the audience a glimpse of who Isabella was and what she’s capable of now.

It may be an understatement to say that I was tense, but punches were not pulled in episode 8. The animators brought the suspense level to 110%, which is an improvement from its manga counterpart. I know the theme of this episode is that sometimes you may think you’re in control when in actuality you’re the one being controlled. All around the cinematography was fantastic with lighting, camera shots, animation, and especially with the music such as classical music playing in one scene or electronic jazz in another scene.


#2 Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 8

Reigan Supporting Mob in the MarathonAfter receiving encouragement from Mezato, Shigeo decides to train for the Salt Middle School racing marathon so that he could place at least in the top 10, then he’ll ask out his childhood crush Tsubomi. Shigeo has shown some character growth by having a goal to strive for and working hard to make it happen.

Besides the comic relief, I could feel the determination coming from the main character and it was very inspirational, then something surprisingly impactful occurs by the end of the episode. The theme of this episode is that people should work hard to prove to themselves what they’re capable of doing instead of impressing other people. I like the following shot of a toy airplane flying high into the clouds in the opening scene of the episode, the animation of Shigeo sweating bullets and almost killing himself working hard look good, and I like the intense art, animation, and music by the end of the episode.


#3 The Rising of the Shield Hero

The Rage of NaofumiA dragon’s corpse on a mountain, which was slain and left behind by the sword hero Ren, has been rotting and causing a plague at a nearby village. The party of Naofumi head to the mountain to clean up the corpse in order to save the people of the village. In this episode, Naofumi awakens something within him, and he as well as the members of his party learn a lesson from a gripping experience.

This episode had a much more melancholy atmosphere than last week’s episode, although, there is a happy conclusion after all the events play out. The best theme of this episode is how a team can grow stronger together after learning from their mistakes. I like how a grayish or brownish hue is used to show the desolation of a village, imagery of sick people perfectly encapsulates the disparity of a village, there was a little CG animation and it was almost seamless, and the music was great such as a flute melody that expresses sadness.


#4 Boogiepop and Others Episode 14

The King of DistortionMany people go to a special attraction called the Moon Temple, but they have no idea what the threat known as the King of Distortion has in store for them. There are a few familiar faces in this episode who come back full circle from the first three episodes of the series. The King of distortion seems like a new character or entity that could cause the most problems to Boogiepop than any enemy before.

I noticed that the episode starts out peaceful in the first half with some small moments of creepiness or drama, then the episode shifts to disarray and potentially danger. The theme of this episode is that there are times you can’t completely trust what you see with your eyes. Also, the cinematography was good with transitions between flashbacks and present day, the animators brought realism to the Moon Temple, the shift of lighting wasn’t random, and the music choice was interesting such as a punk rock soundtrack playing in the background of a couple scenes.


#5 Dororo Episode 8

Dororo, Hyakkimaru, & Saru Attempting to Save a GirlHyakkimaru and Dororo run into a boy named Saru who is trying to save his big sister from being a sacrifice for a centipede ghoul, so the main two protagonists naturally help the boy. The boy Saru had a tragic back story but found peace through his big sister, Hyakkimaru was presented with a challenge confronting the monster, and Dororo showed that he can be very tactical and useful.

Also, this episode had a lot more action than last week’s episode and it was sometimes funny or sad, but it still retained some of its dark and violent undertones. The themes of this episode involve meeting and bonding with people unexpectedly, knowing when it’s best to have another pair of eyes, and how you should always protect the things that are precious to you. Other things I like about this episode was the Chinese dragon sized centipede with heads on both ends of its body, the transition of shots and scenes, the wolf fur Saru was wearing, and the drum melody for the music soundtrack.


#6 Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 21

The Rimuru Tempest Class Go on a Little Field TripRimuru has been the kid’s sensei for a month so far while trying to find some way to save the children from being overwhelmed by their power in five years. These five children have their own separate uniqueness and personality, and Rimuru handles them quite well as their sensei.

This episode was fun and full of comic relief, including a few scenes with some great action. The theme of this episode was that as long as you don’t give up on hope, you will eventually find the answers to your problems. I like the design of a sky dragon that had a silver body with black wings, I like the animation of Rimuru’s gluttony ability just swallow the sky dragon whole, the animation really diversified the children’s powers, and there are some great music soundtracks in a few scenes.


Final Thoughts for 2019’s Anime Bundle Review of the Week #3

The Dastardly Smile of IsabellaThe anime episodes that were released this week have a much different lineup of ranks than last week’s episodes. I really thought that Mob Psycho would take the #1 spot again, but The Promised Neverland had an episode that shattered all expectations.

The Promised Neverland got the #1 spot because of its multiple moments of shock factor and its considerable amount of character development. It can be said that this episode of Mob Psycho was just filler, which is part of the reason why it’s at the #2 spot, but I saw a praised worthy amount of change in the main character and there’s an unexpected twist that will blow your mind.

Another series that surprisingly got one of the highest ranked at the #3 spot was The Rising of the Shield Hero because this episode made me feel empathetic, had its moment of shock, and the main character almost lost himself by the end of the episode. Next, Boogiepop and Others had a good episode, but it felt slow and slightly insignificant only because it’s just the start of something bigger, so I have to put this episode at the #4 spot in this anime bundle review.

Dororo’s episode comes in at the #5 spot because while we got a cool new character and there was a great amount of action, the plot and character development was not as strong as last week’s episode. Lastly, Reincarnated as a Slime had an episode that was fun and entertaining at some parts with story progression, but it felt like this episode was rushed and something was missing, which is what my it’s ranked #6 on this post.

If you have anything to say about my review, rankings, or the episode, then please let me know in the comment section below.

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