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Find Great Wrestling in Anime Here – Hinomaru Sumo Ep. 2 Review

Ep-2 – Epic Wrestling in Anime

Hinomaru Sumo episode 2 was released in Japan on October 12, 2018, and this episode had some of the greatest wrestling in anime. This episode was better than episode 1, and it’s because the fighting match that occurred within episode 2 was so much fun to watch. I like this series and the martial arts of sumo wrestling so much more thanks to the great wrestling in anime I’ve ever seen.

Hinomaru Sumo episode 2 has some excellent story progression for the sumo club, some new interesting characters get introduced, the atmosphere was exciting, and the fighting match had great choreography that was not seen much of in episode 1. I will give a detailed review of all the aspects that made episode 2 have such great wrestling in anime for this series.


Hinomaru and Ozeki are the only two members of their sumo club, and they realized they need three more members to participate in sumo wrestling matches, so they search for students at Odachi High to see who’s interested in joining. After Hinomaru participated in a special wrestling event at their high school, the fight inspired three students to join their sumo club.

Character Setup

Ep-2 – Reina Image
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A new character introduced in this episode goes by the name Chihiro, who is the national wrestling champion of Odachi High, and he aspires to become a great mixed martial artist. He is respectful and supportive of people, especially to people who fight him in wrestling matches. Chihiro is the one that Hinomaru fights at the special wrestling event of their high school.

Another new character introduced is someone named Reina, and she is Yuma’s little sister. She is also the Student Council President of Odachi High, as well as being Miss Odachi High her first year at the school. Hinomaru became her number one enemy because her brother lost in a fight with Hinomaru.

Yuma actually does become superbly less of a bully just as I predicted in my episode 1 review for this series. One other new character to be introduced did not say his name, but he did like the fight at the special wrestling event. There is one character introduced but it is a pretty big spoiler, so I won’t say anything about it.

Mood & Narrative

Ep-2 – Chihiro Image
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The beginning of episode 2 is about Hinomaru and Ozeki trying to get new members for their sumo club, which was just a part of the episode.

It’s until Hinomaru and Chihiro get into a wrestling match that made the episode really hype. The fighting choreography was real smooth and intense when Chihiro kept on using his best mixed martial arts technique, but Hinomaru was using his sumo wrestling skills to counter Chihiro from making him fall to the ground.

Eventually by the end of the episode three members finally join the sumo club, which was a victorious and just overall a feel good moment. At the very end of the episode it looks like the sumo club may reach new heights when a new character appears and gets involved with sumo club in some way.

Animation & Sound

Ep-2 – Hinomaru's Amazing Victory
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The animation was mostly the same as last week’s episode, except for when the main character was in a wrestling match. Hinomaru’s fight had a little more action in it than episode 1. His challenger, Chihiro, put up a much better fight than Yuma because Chihiro is flexible in other areas of martial arts.

Everything in the fight was well animated and choreographed between the fighting styles of sumo wrestling from the main character and the fighting styles of mixed martial arts from Chihiro. Chihiro was throwing Hinomaru around the mat, but Hinomaru refused to fall on the ground, and I like how the animators displayed Hinomaru’s strength.

Also, I like the opening and ending themes even more each time I see them. The background music stands out a lot when characters are in fighting matches. Lastly, the voice acting was average, which was fine because there wasn’t anything dramatic going on in episode 2.

Hinomaru Sumo Ep. 2 – Final Thoughts

Ep-2 – The Sumo Club Gang
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Hinomaru episode 2 was much better than last week’s episode. This episode introduced new characters and gave the audience a much more entertaining fight. The character Yuma gets more character development with his personality and we find out who his sister is. Now that the sumo club has 5 members, it seems like the series will get more exciting when the group starts participating in sumo wrestling matches.

There’s really nothing more to say than what I’ve discussed above. I guess I could rate this episode an 8 out of 10 for its story progression and the fight that took place in this episode.

If you have anything to say about this review or the episode, then please let me know in the comments down below.


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