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Best Sumo Support from Teammates – Hinomaru Sumo Anime Episode 7 Review

Ep-7 – Hinomaru Devil Wheel Throw

Hinomaru Sumo anime episode 7 dropped November 17, 2018 on Japanese television as well as getting broadcast online at Crunchyroll. This episode showed how the main group of characters the best sumo support from their teammates and how relevant they are in making you stronger. I relate to how the team depended on each other in this anime episode because I am in a medical condition to where I must depend on other people to survive.

The plot of this anime episode has launched the main characters into preliminary sumo bouts that will eventually lead them to nationals. Each member of the Odachi High Sumo Club have advanced in their own ways. The tone, themes, animation, and sound also culminated well to display how the main sumo wrestling team gave the best sumo support to help each other win.



Ep-7 – Odachi High Sumo Team

The main group of characters have now entered the National High School Prefectural Preliminary Sumo Bouts. Both Odachi and Ishigami Sumo Clubs were fighting in sumo bouts against sumo wrestlers from other high schools. Eventually, it became time for Odachi versus Ishigami in the sumo ring, and both sides actually gave sumo support for each other.


Character Setup

Ep-7 – A Promiise bw/ Kei and ChihiroThe spectators at the sumo preliminary bouts underestimates Hinomaru at first, but he shows them that he is a rather strong sumo wrestler. Hinomaru does have an encounter with the Ishigami sumo member Mizuki, and they seem to show that they have history.

Yuma, Ozeki, and Chihiro actually did well in their bouts against sumo wrestlers from other high schools.

The only member that seemingly had no chance of winning his bouts was Kei. He actually lost every single one of his bouts in the prelims, but he never gave up. There was a flashback of him having a talk with Kirihito about how he could win bouts in the upcoming sumo prelims.

Chihiro was feeling bad for Kei’s performance in his sumo bouts, and he absolutely despised Gennosuke’s hurtful comments about Kei. This pushed Chihiro to help make up for Kei’s losses and show that Gennosuke’s nasty comments were wrong.


Tone & Themes

Ep-7 – Yuma Powerful SlapsI really felt frustrated with how Kei performed in his sumo bouts just as much he was frustrated. But there was some optimism coming from Kirihito about how Kei can win his sumo bouts, and there was also support coming from his other teammates. The action coming from the sumo bouts were great even though each sumo bout was short, but I’m okay with that because they wanted to show what each sumo wrestler was made of.

One major theme I noticed in this episode is that you find strength from those who support you, or their teammates. Another theme I get it is that you may not have the physical strength to win, but you may have an advantage by using your brain.


Animation & Sound

Ep-7 – Chihiro Devil Wheel ThrowI say the animation was not good for irrelevant background characters, or for certain flashbacks from scenes of previous episodes, but the animation everywhere else was either average or above average. It definitely does not seem like the animators were lazy with the artwork for a traditional looking sumo ring at the preliminary sumo bouts.

For the relevant characters of the episode, there was enough great detail in animation during long shots, medium shots, and close-ups. I do like how the animators use this faded white background whenever a scene transitions to the most recent past in flashback scenes.

This series may not have the best music, but they use the right soundtrack for the right scenes. They do use a great sounding drum melody to set the mood for sumo wrestling, and during sad moments I can definitely hear guitar strings along with a piano stand out. Also, there was good attention to detail for the sound effects such as the sound of feet walking in a sumo wrestling ring or the sound of spectators in the background. And the voice actors never disappoint with their performances of their respective roles.


Hinomaru Sumo Anime Episode 7 – Final Thoughts

Ep-7 – Resolve of Odachi High Sumo ClubThe Odachi sumo team has now entered preliminary sumo bouts even though only half of the team has had a month or two of training. But this series only has the main team in the preliminaries, so they have a long road ahead before they finally get to the nationals.

This episode got a little more interesting once it was time for the sumo teams of Odachi High and Ishigami High to fight each other. In the next episode, we should see how things will play out for the rest of the match between the two teams.

The plot of this episode moved the series much further along for the main characters, the main characters showed some progress mentally and physically, the sumo wrestling action was entertaining, the themes of this episode teach you a lesson of having a good team, and the animation was great for a lot that was going on in this episode.

I give this episode a score of 9.25 out of 10.

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