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Action Anime Bundle Review for February 4 of 2019 – Great Episodes after an Exciting Previous Week


Most of the anime bundle of episodes I watched on February 4 of 2019, have been great following the superb episodes of anime from the previous week. I will only give mini reviews of Monday episode premieres from action anime series that I’m caught up to such as Dororo, Mob Psycho 100 II, and Reincarnated as a Slime.

When I eventually get caught up to Black Clover I will include it in my anime bundle reviews as well. I want this to be a weekly thing for solely for action anime episodes that premier on Monday and Tuesday, but there are no action anime series I watch on Tuesdays, so for now I’m only reviewing Monday action anime series.

Here is my action anime bundle of episodes in order, from the highest ranked to the lowest ranked, that I will briefly review from February 4 of 2019:


#1 Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 5

After Shigeo, or Mob, gets trapped in a dreamlike alternate reality created by the evil spirit Mogami, Arataka and Dimple standby until Shigeo can break free from Mogami’s mind manipulation and save the girl Asagiri Minori. Part of what made this episode great was the inspiring character growth between Shigeo, Mogami, Dimple, and Minori, which is one of the reasons why I ranked this episode at #1.

The other reason I ranked this episode at #1 was because the cinematography was like watching an animated version of The Matrix times 100. Also, the tone of this episode was dramatic and sometimes funny, but mostly riveting. Another thing I want to add is that the theme about having many people around you to gain strength may have been a simple theme, but its execution created a positive emotional moment in the episode.


#2 Dororo Episode 5

As Hyakkimaru painfully adjusts to his newfound ability to hear, him as well as Dororo and the blind Priest is drawn to the beautiful singing voice of a girl who takes care of orphans, which is taking place during a war between the Ishikawa clan and the Sakai clan. While it’s very interesting to see the drastic change in Hyakkimaru from gaining his hearing, there is a good amount of focus for a few of the other characters as well.

This episode continues the bleak and miserable atmosphere of the series, but at least certain characters found brief moments of joy. The main theme here is that a person’s voice is more powerful than you think. I also appreciate the cinematography for its subtle music, consistent art and animation, and perfectly timed transitions such as the extinguishing of a flame leading to the next scene.

The engaging events that took place and the symbolism portrayed within the cinematography ranks episode 5 of Dororo at #2 in this article.


#3 Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 18

Capital City Rimuru and its alliances have to prepare for an attack from Charybdis, which is a creature more powerful than a Demon Lord. A couple new characters are introduced, and we delve more into the mental state of certain characters.

The tone was either positive, dramatic, mysterious, or comical, but this episode sometimes gets much darker than the other episodes before. There are a couple themes I notice in this episode such as never letting hatred and jealousy consume you, and always having faith in your allies or friends. The cinematography was clean in this episode, but I especially like the CG animation shown by the end of the episode.

This episode had an interesting plot and great characters, but the episodes coming from anime series such as Mob Psycho and Dororo are slightly superior in every area, so episode 18 of Reincarnated as a Slime is ranked dead last at #3.


Final Thoughts for February 4, 2019, Action Anime Bundle Review

Last week’s anime bundle review was just a prototype article for these series, but after taking a week to perfect my form, I finally got the hang of it. The way I ranked these episodes is based on my own enjoyment, observations, and opinions. No matter the rank of the series, they’re all still great series because I made sure to choose the best of the best for my anime bundle review.

Mob Psycho 100 II is ranked #1 again this week simply because I greatly love the characters and their significant growth, including the beautiful energetic art and animation.

The animation in Dororo episode 5 is not as explosive as Mob Psycho, but it is symbolic with an intriguing character driven plot, which is why I ranked it #2.

I ranked Reincarnated as a Slime episode 18 at #3 because while it has okay animation and character development for a couple characters as well as the main character, it’s still not at the level of the other series.

Let me know your thoughts about where I ranked these episodes, about the reviews I gave, or your thoughts about the episodes down below.

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