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A Worthy Opponent Found for Orc Lord – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Episode 12 Review

The Dryad Treyni

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime episode 12 dropped on Japanese television December 18, 2018. The episode can also be streamed online on a little website known as Crunchyroll.

Sorry for missing out on reviewing the last couple of episodes, but all that really happened in those episodes were the Ogres becoming the main character’s subordinates, we get the revelation of a powerful enemy called an Orc Lord, and the introduction of the Lizardmen. In this article, I will mainly review the recent anime episode 12 of how a Dryad has requested Rimuru to be the worthy opponent who is powerful enough to defeat the Orc Lord.

The plot of this episode was engaging, the character interactions and motivations, especially with the Dryad requesting Rimuru as a worthy opponent for the Orc Lord, was a delight to observe, the episode was goofy in some places and serious in others, and the usual cinematography for the series was used with nothing too outstanding. I will discuss more in detail about these particular elements down below in this article.



Rimuru Group Discussing the Orc Enemy

In anime episode 12 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Rimuru and his subordinates discuss with the Dryad known as Treyni about what has been occurring with the Orcs and how to take down this formidable foe. The Dryad really thinks that Rimuru is a worthy opponent who can defeat the Orc Lord. After Rimuru and everyone else agrees on their plan of action, the Lizardman known as Gabiru gets visited by a Majin who is up to something sinister. The Lizardmen Chieftain receives a message from Rimuru about what the plan is for fighting the Orcs and he agrees to follow their plan if they do him a favor. Suddenly, the Chieftain’s plans with Rimuru get foiled by some fool.


Character Setup

The Lizardmen Chieftain Has Found HopeThe main character Rimuru has to decide whether he wants to fulfill the Dryad’s request to defeat the Orc Lord. Rimuru has a discussion with his companions about what the Orc army is after, and he wants to make sure the information the Dryad is giving him really is true. Everyone in the Rimuru crew eventually create a plan that can help them succeed in defeating the Orc army as well as the Orc Lord.

Gabiru is coerced into doing something drastic by the Majin known as Laplace who is an underling of Gelmud. Gabiru’s father receives a message from Souei about Rimuru’s plans to fight the Orc army. Surprisingly, the Lizardman Chieftain allows Souei to speak because he senses Souei’s power and his intuition tells him that Rimuru’s group is just what they need to defeat the Orc army.


Tone & Themes

Power Hungry OrcsThe characters in the first half of the episode were just expressing how they feel about the presence of a Dryad and how to fight the Orcs. There was nothing really intense, dramatic, or comedic occurring in the first half because the characters were just talking and having small reactions of surprise or relief. I’m not completely worried because I know that the main character will succeed in defeating the enemy with his overpowered strength.

The middle portion of the episode had some comedy bits with the character Gabiru and his followers. Then the last portion of the episode got a little serious when Souei walked in to talk to the Lizardman Chieftain, and some other things happen that I will not spoil.

A couple of themes that stand out most in this episode would be that those who are power-hungry can be dangerous to hang around, and you should fight alongside powerful allies who are up against a common threat. Other themes that I found are that a good leader does not get manipulated into making decisions, and also a good leader has the proper knowledge and experience to deal with a problem.


Animation & Sound

Souei Displaying Lethal SkillsThere was mostly talking in this episode, so there was nothing spectacular about the animation, although, it does remain above average. I do like the use of lighting in this episode such as how Gabiru is in the night forest showing how he is easily manipulated by darkness, but his father is in the light emitted by flames that is shielding him from the darkness that is trying to creep into the light. I also like the design of the Dryad because she really looks like a divine creature of the forest and the fact that she is the only thing glowing in an entire scene.

The music was mostly normal, but I did notice some great new compositions in a couple scenes. Everything else with the sound effects and voice acting was also well directed.


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Anime Episode 12 – Final Thoughts

Laplace the MajinLike I said, there was mostly talking in this episode and there wasn’t a lot of action, but it’s still a good episode. There were some intense moments that occurred with the Lizardmen, and in my opinion were the best parts of the episode. Also, the Rimuru group has made some progress creating an alliance with Lizardmen in order to win against the Orc army, but I don’t know how this will turn out because something has caused a bit of a hindrance to the alliance.

Still, the plot and dialogue helped to make this episode engaging, and it makes me excited for what comes next. Having all of these mythical creatures in one room talking strategy to fight a dangerous foe was interestingly cool. The episode also got serious in the Lizardmen domain, either for good reason or for sinister motives. There were way more themes that I noticed in this episode, and they were themes that you can apply to the real world. Also, this episode did not have the best cinematography, but I did like the use of lighting and certain character designs as well as the well directed voice acting.

Based on my analysis, I will give this episode a score of 8 out of 10.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about my review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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