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A Week That Was One Half Great and One Half Good Enough – 2019’s Weekly Anime Bundle Review #4

Dororo's Mother Ojiya

The half of anime episodes that were great were the top three anime episodes and the other half were just passable for the bottom three episodes. This anime bundle review as well as my anime ranking system based on my opinions involve anime episodes that premiered between March 4 and March 8 of 2019.

The anime series included again in this week’s post are series such as Boogiepop and Others, Dororo, Mob Psycho 100 II, Reincarnated as a Slime, The Promised Neverland, and The Rising of the Shield Hero. The winter anime season is coming to a close soon, which means some of these series are concluding with their seasons in a few weeks, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty more anime to talk about in the spring anime season.


#1 Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 9

Mob is on a Mission to Find His FamilyShigeo goes on a manhunt to find out what happened to his family, but his friends and acquaintances manage to calm Shigeo down. Also, the Claw Organization finally begins its war of world domination. Dimple’s quick reaction to help Shigeo shows that he’s really become a good spirit, and many old and new characters get a fair amount of screen time.

This episode was energetic, tense, inspiring, heartwarming, and obviously there was comedy. I say the theme of the episode is how your friends are the best kind of support when you’re in a dark place or in trouble. I like how the veins in Shigeo eyes made him look intense with anger, I like the glow of the psychic shields and auras, and there was a cool effect of space being warped from teleportation, and the music always matched the pacing of a scene.


#2 The Promised Neverland Episode 9

Norman has one day to be shipped out to the demons, so Emma and Ray try coming up with a plan to let their brother escape the farm alone before he gets shipped, but….

Norman Accepts His FateEmma and Ray haven’t given up on saving Norman, which shows their spirits haven’t completely broken, Norman has a moment of reflection that any human being would feel in this situation, Don and Gilda are completely on edge, and Ray reveals certain things from his past.

This was a very emotional episode, and just like Don and Gilda, I was completely on edge throughout the entire episode. And even though I read the manga and know what happens next, the ending of the episode was still shocking. The message of the episode is that there are always other methods of smashing through a barrier, and sometimes you’d be amazed at what someone is capable of when backed into a corner.

Within Norman’s expressions in certain scenes I saw either deep despair, fear of death, and sometimes I would see extreme intensity in his eyes with the shape of a bull’s-eye. I also like the music such as a melancholy soundtrack used for desperation, a hopeful soundtrack used for perseverance, and an exciting soundtrack used for enforcing a daring plan.


#3 Reincarnated as a Slime Episode 22

The Great Ramiris Queen of the SpiritsRimuru and his students journey through a labyrinth in order to get to the Dwelling of Spirits, so the children can be embodied by spirits that could help them control their powers. The group of characters make some progress, gain some insights, and meet a new character known as Ramiris who is a very lovable fairy.

This episode was very informative and it was enjoyable getting more world building. There was plenty of comical moments as well, and there wasn’t any major signs that the characters were in danger. The entrance to the Dwelling of Spirits looked like a labyrinth from Lord of the Rings, Ramiris had a cute design and I liked her glowing aura in one scene, and I like the look of an intimidating metal golem in an action scene with a smooth industrial soundtrack.


#4 Dororo Episode 9

A Much Younger DororoWhile Dororo is sick, we get a flashback of a younger Dororo and of Dororo’s parents when they were still alive. Dororo’s parents were part of a farmer brigand group that fought samurai for their supplies. This episode helps the audience understand more of how Dororo was shaped into the character we see now, and this information is important moving forward in the story.

Most of the episode took place in a flashback that started out wholesome, but then gets violent and depressing. The main theme of this episode is to keep moving forward no matter what the world may throw at you, and it also included themes involving war, revenge, and betrayal. The episode was mostly black and white with primary colors that stood out, especially the color red. I also like the music soundtracks from Japanese instruments, which I honestly don’t have any real knowledge of.


#5 The Rising of Shield Hero Episode 9

Princess Melty of MelromarcA princess named Melty hitches a ride with Naofumi and crew, so she can get to the Capital where it happens to be place that Raphtalia needs to go in order to cure the curse inflicting her. The character Melty is actually a respectful princess, and I like her interaction with Naofumi’s party.

Almost the entire episode is full of happiness and comical relief, but about the last 5 to 8 minutes got slightly dramatic. One theme is that you need to know that not everyone is out to get you, and the other theme is that those who have each other’s backs are family and that’s more important than blood relation. The stand outs in cinematography were the destruction Motoyasu caused, the montage of Melty’s journey with Naofumi’s party, and the matching design of Melty’s blue hair, blue eyes, and blue outfit.


#6 Boogiepop and Others Episode 15

Habara Wakes up from the King of Distortions Dream WorldThe King of Distortion has caused people who have entered the Moon temple to fall into a dreamlike state where they relive memories of their worse regrets or fears. We always see some type of memory for four characters in this episode, which I understand why two of these characters were important to the plot, but I got more invested with the character Habara because he was the only one able to fight the King of Distortion.

The manipulation of minds from a hostile force is kind of creepy, the first 12 minutes of the episode was depressing, and the last 8 minutes had the most exciting moments in the episode. I will say one theme in the episode describes how unhealthy it is for people to run away from a checkered past. Also, I noticed a few areas where the animators don’t have much flexibility with cinematography, but the positives are how they show the dead eyes for the King of Distortion, they had great transitions between each person’s memories, and they perfectly animated a kaiju to look massive and terrifying.


Final Thoughts for 2019’s Weekly Anime Bundle Review #4

The last day for the winter anime season will be March 19 and the start of the spring anime season begins March 20. Series such as Boogiepop, Mob Psycho, Reincarnated as a Slime, and The Promised Neverland have three or four episodes left that will have season finales between the last week of March and the first week of April. The recent new episode of Boogiepop was not that great and I’m worried the remaining episodes will be disappointing in the weeks to come, but I am absolutely positive the other series will have fantastic season finales in their last few weeks.

The Leader of Claw Is Confident in His OrganizationMob Psycho 100 II episode 9 got the #1 spot in my ranks for its multilayered plot and characters. The Promised Neverland episode 9 got the #2 spot because of how well-developed characters handled a suspenseful crisis. Reincarnated as a Slime episode 22 got the #3 for giving the audience much-needed information and amazing world building.

Dororo episode 9 got the #4 spot from giving the audience a slower episode to help us understand the back story of one of the main characters. The Rising of the Shield Hero episode 9 got the #5 spot because while we did get great story progression and character moments, it still wasn’t that powerful of an episode. Finally, Boogiepop and Others episode 15 got the #6 spot for having a mostly boring episode, although, we got actual excitement for the last eight minutes of the episode.

Please let me do what you felt about my review, ranks, or the episode down in the comment section below.

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