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A Shonen Character Finds True Answers for Strength – Radiant Anime Episode 7 & 8 Review

Ep-8 – The True Power of Seth

Radiant anime episode 7 dropped November 17, 2018, and anime episode 8 dropped November 24, 2018, on Japanese television. Both episodes can now be streamed online at Crunchyroll. In episode 7 and episode 8, the main shonen character, Seth, must find the true answers on his own of what it means to have real strength.

The plots of these anime episodes should be considered one episode because of how the main character must find the true answers as a sorcerer. Many of the characters play a role in how much progress the main character is making.

The tone has a comedic charm in both anime episodes of Radiant, except episode 8 got little more serious by the end. I believe the animation and sound was great in both episodes, although, the animators had to stay a little more vigilant with episode 7 since the characters was more active here.


Ep-7 – The Kidnapping of Doc

In Radiant episode 7, Seth gets some intense training from Yaga. Doc tries to have a peaceful day, but he gets abducted by a monster that dwells in the sewers. Without Yaga’s helping hand, it’s up to Seth along with Melie to save Doc from the monster in the sewers.

In episode 8, Yaga takes away Seth’s ability to use fantasia because Seth has been recklessly using his powers. Yaga will only give Seth his powers back until Seth can figure out the true answers of obtaining power. At the same time, Seth and Melie must owe a huge debt because it’s the highest in Artemis Academy, so the two amateurs as well as Doc must do hard labor to pay that debt. Also, some familiar characters make a return in this episode.

Character Setup

During the events of episode 7, Seth has a difficult time performing with Yaga’s extreme training, and both student and teacher are frustrated with the results. After a monster from the sewers arises, Seth must bring down the monster, and Yaga includes this experience as part of the training.

Then continuing with the events of episode 8, Seth control over fantasia is dangerous, so Yaga puts special gloves on Seth to prevent him from using his powers until he can figure out the true meaning of strength. Seth is angered by this at first, but soon understands what Yaga was trying to teach him by the end of episode 8.Ep-8 – The Crazy Alter Ego of Melie

It seems like Doc had the worst luck being kidnapped by a monster in episode 7, and the writers for this episode seemed to enjoy making him the comedic relief all throughout the episode. He also has bad luck in episode 8, but it was not as bad as what happened to him in episode 7.

Melie in episode 7 was supporting Seth in saving Doc from the sewer monster. Nothing they did seem to go their way in saving Doc, so of course Melie rages out into her lean and mean alter ego. In episode 8, Melie has no problem paying her debt to Artemis Academy, and she also seems to have improved in her offensive spellcasting without going into her raging personality.

Lastly, the Bravery Quartet make their return in episode 8. They cause some problems for Artemis Academy, so Seth has to take care of them with some support from Melie.

Tone & Themes

Ep-8 – Seth and Don Surprised to Meet AgainThe tone for episode 7 was mostly comedic and a lot of the comedy came from Doc being terrorized. There also seemed to be a great amount of action around the comedy in this episode. The tone for episode 8 also had comedic qualities but not as much as episode 7. Now, only the second half of episode 8 had action, and it got really intense at the end of this episode.

There are a few themes in episode 7 such as getting over an obstacle before you can get to the next step in a certain discipline, making friends in the unlikeliest of situations, and the complete hilarity of a man not having his way. Then episode 8 included themes such as finding the true meaning of strength and how to get screwed over by a yellow cat.


Animation & Sound

Ep-7 – Shocked Expression of DocThe animation is fantastic in both episodes 7 and 8, but mostly in episode 7 because the cat and mouse situations presented more action. I got to say that the animators use of animation was perfectly timed for the extreme amount of comedy that took up episode 7.

The animation in episode 8 was great, but it wasn’t really timed well with the comedic aspects of the episode. Then again, episode 8 was a slow moving episode and it wasn’t really focusing its animation on the comedy. I will say that the animation got really epic by the last five or six minutes of episode 8.

The music, sound effects, and the voice acting is always above-average in these episodes, and episodes 7 and 8 are no exception when it comes to the sound. Of course there was more interesting sound effects in episode 7 with the sewers and how much more action there was. I will give props to episode 8 with all the voice acting because this episode had more serious undertones in certain scenes.

Radiant Anime Episode 7-8 – Final Thoughts

Ep-8 – Sneaky-Yellow-Cat-MajestyThese episodes work well together because episode 7 started Seth’s trials about strength and episode 8 ended those trials. I know these are not the last trials for Seth, and that there is still so much more that Yaga has to teach Seth. But the concepts of episode 7 and episode 8 were self-contained on what it means to be strong. The only difference between these two episodes was that episode 7 left Seth’s trials mixed in with a high level of comedy, whereas episode 8 left those trials more so in the forefront and did not give the comedy any proper attention.

I believe the plot of one episode was strictly comedic while the plot of the other was more character driven. The characters roles were played out well in both episodes, although, the main character’s role in episode 8 was more focused. For the purpose of tone, episode 7 showcased its comedic chops and episode 8 left you more inspired. When it comes to animation and sound, I would say that episode 7 has a slight edge over episode 8 in that department.

I give episode 7 a score of 8.5 out of 10 only out of pure enjoyment. I was inspired by episode 8, but something felt missing with the animation and the comedic timing was off, so I am going to have to give it a score of 7 out of 10.

Please let me know if you have anything to say about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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