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A Shonen Anime Series with Some Impressive Children – The Promised Neverland Anime Episode 3

The Promised Neverland anime episode 3 dropped January 24 or January 25 of 2019 depending on where you live. In many countries around the world, this episode can be streamed online at the website known as Crunchyroll. This shonen anime series has some very impressive children trying to escape captivity, but the shows that a new enemy is getting in the way of making that possible.

In anime episode 3 of The Promised Neverland, new information is revealed and new obstacles must be overcome in the story. There is more strategic thinking with some characters as well as giving the audience world building through certain characters. This episode keeps the audience thinking as well as giving a feel of suspense and terror. I really like how the use of cinematography sets this shonen anime series apart from other anime, and this episode made me realize that even more.

Now, I will go into more depth of this shonen anime episode about the points I made above involving the plot, the characters, the tone and themes, and the use of cinematography down in the paragraphs below.



Emma at a Loss by a Problematic Discovery

In this anime episode, a new caretaker known as sister Krone moves into Grace Field House, but Norman, Emma, and Ray consider her to be a threat to their escape from this farm. The trio of the oldest children try to get more information and make changes to their plan. However, each time they try to stay a step ahead of the situation a new obstacle arises.


Character Setup

Norman, Emma, and Ray continue searching for answers and thinking of a way to escape the farm after receiving new guests.

In this episode, Emma exhibits more of her sentimentality and how she will do anything to save her siblings. She may be a quick study as well as have great athletic ability, but sometimes she can be a little naive, which leaves room for her to grow as a character.

Isabella and Krone Having a ChatNorman and Ray are the smartest children at Grace Field House, but as shown in this episode, they don’t mess around and keep their emotions in check.

A fact that was brought up this episode is that Norman lacks in athletic ability, but he makes up for that by using his mind to make things work in his favor. Ray on the other hand gives up too easily even though he’s mentally gifted, so he needs to learn to believe in himself and his siblings.

Gilda seemed to get slightly more attention in this episode. She definitely has something on her mind and has been observing the way that Norman, Emma, and Ray have been acting lately. I am very curious about what her role may be in the future.

Sister Krone arrives to Grace Field House to give Isabella more support in watching the children. Krone pretends to be nice and normal on the outside, but on the inside she may in fact be a broken individual.

Isabella who is the mother of Grace Field House seems like someone who likes to keep everything in her control based on what I have seen in this episode. Also, we get more world building about the farm and the demons through Isabella.


Tone & Themes

Comic Relief of Emma Freaking outThe suspense in this episode keeps the audience at the edge of their seat and you worry about the main group of characters when ever their back is up against the wall. When these main characters have an extra set of eyes on them and the adults are aware that they know the dark secret of the farm, I wouldn’t be surprised at how terrified the main characters are right now. I like how this episode keeps you thinking even more because while the audience gets some answers new questions arise.

The theme of this episode remains the same as the previous episode, which is carefully solving a puzzle and thinking many steps ahead of your opponents. There are many things the characters do not know about the farm, the demons, and what awaits them outside the farm. As the main characters make plans of escape, they must gather more information unnoticed before they even try to escape.



Krone Is in Hot Pursuit and SeriousHere, let me discuss art, animation, camera shots, camera angles, transitions, and lighting from this episode. The art and animation was great for the most part, but the art choice of having characters faceless at a distance was in my opinion a bit lazy because the characters were not always too far away in depth to have that design. Also, I never liked sister Krone’s design in the manga and I still don’t like it in the anime, although, the animators did increase the creep factor of her facial expressions and I felt that was fine.

The camera shots and angles were interesting such as the panning of the camera through bookshelves and an intimidating upward shot of Norman towering over Krone. I like certain transitions such as when a ball bounces off one of the kids heads in the evening sunset outside, then it immediately transitions inside the house and transitions to the three main characters in the library with the same evening sunset lighting carried over.

There were about three new soundtracks in this episode that fit certain dark and creepy scenes. With one particular sound effect, you can sometimes hear the ticking of a clock or stopwatch telling the audience that the main characters have to figure out how to escape before the next shipment.


The Promised Neverland Anime Episode 3 – Final Thoughts

Gilda Seems ConcernedThis episode has got the main characters doing the most in the series so far. The trio of characters are in a much more complex scenario than before, but at least they got new information to make escape even more possible. We can’t have a series without the characters experiencing hardship, which is exactly what the villainess of this episode is useful for. I’m still worried about the protagonists of the series, but the antagonists are greatly underestimating them based on what I’ve seen in this episode.

The plot of this episode is much more complex and entertaining than the previous episodes. We get a great amount of character development and slightly more world building through certain characters in this episode. This episode remains dark, creepy, and keeps you thinking, although, it does give us a little comic relief sometimes. Lastly, the plot of this episode gets told with some extra help through the expert cinematography, whereas the manga pales in comparison.

Based on my analysis, I give this episode a score of 8 out of 10.

Please give me your thoughts about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.

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