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A Relaxing Weekday of Action Anime Series – Anime Bundle Review of the Week in 2019 #1

The Imaginator

This post is an anime bundle review on anime episodes that strictly premiered on a weekday between 2/11/2019 and 2/15/2019. I had a blast watching all the episodes that premiered this week, some were great and some were so-so. Wherever I rank these episodes in my anime bundle review, at the end of the day these are all great series you should be watching for this winter anime season.

The series that I have chosen for this anime bundle review are Boogiepop and Others, Dororo, Mob Psycho 100 II, Reincarnated as a Slime, The Promised Neverland, and The Rising of the Shield Hero. Down below I will give a mini review of each episode and rank them from the highest best to the lowest best.


#1 Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 6

The Lonely ReiganShigeo (a.k.a. Mob) has been spending more time enjoying the company of his friends, but this leaves Reigen doing his psychic job alone without any help from Shigeo. Even though the main character Shigeo gets a tremendous amount of character development in this episode, Reigen gets the most focus so the audience can get an even greater understanding of who he really is as a character.

On Shigeo’s side of the plot it was more cheerful since he actually has friends, but on Reigen’s side of the plot it was slightly depressing because of how lonely he seemed. The theme of this episode is that you never know what you truly had until it’s gone.

There was not much action in this episode, but the cinematography was still great such as the background shots changing to fit character’s emotions, the voice acting was perfect, and had perfectly timed transitions of shots or scenes.


#2 The Promised Neverland Episode 6

Don and Gilda Want to Know the TruthNorman, Emma, and Ray discover a clue that may lead them to understanding what’s outside the farm, while Don and Gilda do their own investigation of the hidden room. In this episode, Don and Gilda have shown that they’re not the typical supporting characters because they take actions that the main characters would normally decide to make in their current situation.

The tone was chilling, suspenseful, mysterious, and emotional in certain parts of this episode. I also noticed that the main theme here is that you should always have faith in certain people, most importantly if they are family.

The cinematography is masterful, like the cameras point of view rotating showing each character in a group, and the subtle hint that characters are being watched from behind a bush or a window. I also liked a music soundtrack I never heard before being played in one particular emotional scene of the episode.


#3 Boogiepop and Others Episode 8

Masaki Going Too Far Pretending to Be BoogiepopThe girl Suema confronts Jin to talk to him about the recent change of personality in his cousin Kotoe. Also, Masaki gets followed and attacked as a result of Spooky E’s plans to tarnish the reputation of Boogiepop. Suema is slowly piecing together the strange events that have occurred, Masaki fully impersonates the role of Boogiepop, and Jin reveals how he will change the world.

The tone was very apparent, for example, I felt a little intimidated by Suema’s incredible deduction skills and how Jin being composed makes him seem a lot more menacing and creepy. I also like how exciting the action was in this episode and there was a great emotional scene that might make you cry. One theme that stands out the most is how those who live in the past spend their time creating knowledge and change only for people of the future to benefit from.

The only thing that annoyed me about the episode is that sometimes the camera would show random shots of certain things rather than staying fixed on the characters speaking. Other than issues I have with the cinematography, the fight scenes were well choreographed, there was no choppy animation, many camera shots and transitions were timely, and the music soundtracks perfectly captures a scene.


#4 Dororo Episode 6

Hyakkimaru Fights to Demon That Took His LegHyakkimaru needed to recover after losing his leg and gaining his voice, but regaining his humanity has made him more emotional and he might become a monster if consumed by rage. Other than the two main characters, characters like Mio, Tahomaru, Daigo, and Daigo’s wife receives some important development to the story.

There are moments of optimism in the episode, but this episode is mostly dark, depressing, and violent. The themes of this episode are that whatever was destroyed can always be rebuilt, and don’t ever let rage allow the darkness to take over. I like the way the cinematography was handled such as how Hyakkimaru fighting the demon perfectly overlapped with other scenes, and imagery of golden rice fields was beautiful in scenes that it would spring up.


#5 The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 6

Naofumi and the Gang Search for a Special GemstoneUntil they can find magic thread to make transforming clothes for their new comrade, Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo start the trade traveling business to gain knowledge and money. Filo seems to be the center focus of this episode, which results in the introduction of new characters, new alliances being formed, and an acquaintance getting physically involved in the main groups quest.

The developments that occurred were interesting, I love the small moments of comic relief, there was a good amount of action in certain scenes, and I just had a blast with this episode. The main theme is that traveling to different places means you meet new people, learn new things, and receive a great deal of benefits. Also, the cinematography was directed well showing good montages, the animation of a monsters skull being shattered, and I like the music soundtracks.


#6 Reincarnated As a Slime Episode 19

Gabiru and Geld Work Together to Defeat a MegalodonRimuru’s forces and the Dwargon forces come together to take down Charybdis, but the only one who was forbidden to fight was the Demon Lord Milim. It was interesting to see characters who were once enemies fighting alongside each other as comrades to defeat a powerful entity.

There was a lot of action, plenty of comic relief, and a brief moment of peaceful resolution, but the whole battle of Charybdis felt short and anti-climatic. The themes of this episode is that hatred can sometimes lead to destructive behavior, and always bet on your trump card to end a conflict. Lastly, I noticed the animation was a bit choppy at times, but the CG animation of the megalodons was good and Charybdis looked super imposing.


Final Thoughts for This Weekday’s Anime Bundle

I decided to do my reviews of anime episodes in a bundle because there are just too many anime series in a week to review them individually. Ranking these episodes will make things more fun and and it adds an extra layer of judgment in my mini reviews of each episode. The series I included in this post are the best of the best and I highly recommend that you watch the series, although, it all depends on your taste in entertainment.

Shigeo Has Had Enough of Taking NonsenseThe plot and characters are the most important to me when deciding where I should rank these episodes, but tone and cinematography are important factors as well. Mob Psycho 100 II episode 6 had the best plot that was focused mainly on the psyche and world of a certain character, which the reasons why it’s ranked #1 on my post.

The Promised Neverland episode 6 was ranked #2 because it gave character development to supporting characters at the same level as the main characters and the cinematography was expertly crafted to immerse you into the episode.

Raking in at #3 is Boogiepop and Others episode 8 for its real-world ideas that were represented in this episode, and giving its characters a balanced amount of screen time. I also gave it this rank for well choreographed action and having smooth art and animation.

Dororo episode 6 ranked #4 because a main character received a great deal of attention that led to an impactful moment in the episode, but there was still more I wanted to see from the other characters.

I gave The Rising of the Shield Hero episode 6 a rank at #5 because the plot was simple, although, a few of the characters did make complex decisions that will greatly affect the series as a whole.

Lastly, Reincarnated as a Slime episode 19 had great character interactions and the cinematography was good enough to watch even though it could’ve been better. This episode had a plot with potential, but it ended way too easily and abruptly, so that’s why I ranked it #6 on this post.

Down in the comment section below, let me know what you think about my reviews and rankings. And where would you rank these episodes?

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