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A Promotion Exam Can Be a B***h – Goblin Slayer Episode 5 Review

Goblin Slayer episode 5 dropped October 4, 2018, on Japanese television as well as being broadcast on Crunchyroll. This episode showed that a promotion exam for an adventurer can be extremely strict if you do something untrustworthy.

This was a more laid-back episode of Goblin Slayer, but it still kept me entertained, and the promotion exam scene with the main character was interesting. The main character was not slaying goblins in this episode and the tone was mostly peaceful. I also noticed that there were no flaws whatsoever with the animation.

Anyway, I’ll go more in depth of what I about Goblin Slayer episode 5 here in this review.



Ep-5 – Two Porcelain Adventurers in TrainingThis episode takes place during a promotion exam for adventurers. Goblin Slayer was mostly running into people that he’s been acquainted with as well as helping people with simple everyday task even though it had nothing to do with slaying goblins. The episode ends with an urgent request for Goblin Slayer’s help.


Character Setup

Ep-5 – Receptionists Promotion Exam JobGoblin Slayer has mostly been a helpful hand and giving advice to rookie adventurers.

The rookie porcelain adventurers were getting assistance from higher ranked adventurers to fight creatures in the sewer.

The Guild receptionists got Goblin Slayer to help her with a promotion exam, the priestess is thankful for Goblin Slayer, and the high elf asked Goblin Slayer if he could join them on an adventure at some ruins. But there is something going on between Goblin Slayer and the females that he knows, and he’s completely unaware of it.


Tone & Themes

Ep-5 – Porcelain Adventurer HorrifiedGoblin Slayer episode 5 was a much slower episode. Most of the time, this episode had the main character perform simple and peaceful tasks, and he didn’t do any violent acts such as slaying goblins. There was still some amount of action with two porcelain adventurers, which kind of maintained the darkness of the series.

I think there are a couple themes that stand out in this episode. Sometimes people can be close to you or impacted by you even when you don’t realize it, which occurred with Goblin Slayer because he does not realize how important he is to his acquaintances. Another theme that appeared with the two porcelain adventures, was that you get the best advice from the experts.


Animation & Sound

Ep-5 – Porcelain Adventurer Using Her AbilityNow, this episode was really just a filler episode, but the animation was still very pristine so that tells me the production budget for this series must be high. Everything from extreme long shots, long shots, medium shots, and close-up shots had animation that was very detailed. I wish every anime series would have the budget to keep their animation consistently great each episode just like Goblin Slayer.

The sound effects was perfect with the echo’s in the sewers, the footsteps, the sound of giant bugs crawling, fighting with swords and clubs, etc. The only time we get serious sounding music is when the porcelain adventurers are fighting dangerous creatures in the sewers, and other music for the rest of the series was all happy, sometimes comedic, and sometimes peaceful.


Goblin Slayer Episode 5 – Final Thoughts

Ep-5 – Sword Maidensome people may not like this episode because no real progress happened with the main story. But I like this episode because I believe it took the time to develop characters and give us more of an understanding about them. I also like the bit of action we got from the porcelain adventurers and it’s interesting to see how much experience they have gained from such a dangerous and life-threatening mission.

Lastly, all I can say was plot was still engaging, the characters got some interesting development, the atmosphere and the themes were appropriate for this episode, and the animation and sound were perfect thanks to the high production budget of the series. I have to give this episode a score of 9.25 out of 10 for all the effort the production team put into this episode.

Please send me any comments you have about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.



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