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A Powerful Winter Season Anime Series of 2019 – The Promised Neverland Anime Episode 2

Emma Having a Nightmare

The Promised Neverland anime episode 2 premiered January 17, 2019, GMT-5:00. This anime episode can be streamed online at the anime website known as Crunchyroll. In episode 2 of The Promised Neverland, the battle for survival has begun for the characters in this powerful winter season anime series of 2019.

So far in this winter season anime series, the episode focuses on the obstacles the characters must face. We actually delve more into the minds and psychological state for some of these characters. The episode basically starts a strategic game where it could mean death by making the wrong move. Also, the animators continue to create moments that are more powerful than what’s in the manga.

What is displayed in this episode to make The Promised Neverland a powerful winter season anime series of 2019? I will answer that question by giving a detailed review in the paragraphs that follow.



Norman Observing a Wall beyond the Forest

Still recovering from the loss of a sibling, Emma and Norman try to understand how the farm they’ve been raised on works. They also examine what is beyond the forest of the Grace Field House orphanage. Ray eventually figures out what the two have been doing and agrees to work with them to break out of this nightmarish farm with all of their siblings. The escape won’t be easy as there are a number of obstacles in their way.


Character Setup

Ray Learns the Truth about Grace Field HouseThe only three characters that know the truth about the orphanage are Emma, Norman, and now Ray.

After Emma has learned that she and her siblings are food for demons, her only concern is the safety of all the children at Grace Field House. She does not want to leave anyone behind no matter how impossible it may seem.

Norman also understands how impossible it may seem to save all the children, but he will follow Emma’s lead because he wants her to continue being happy and smiling.

Ray learns the truth about the orphanage from Emma and Norman, and he believes every word they say. The only thing is he doesn’t believe that they can escape with all the children.

Emma, Norman, and Ray agree that their enemies are their mother Isabella and the demons that may be guarding the farm. Plus, they have no idea how the world is outside of the farm, which may be a society ruled by demons.


Tone & Themes

The tone is intense because two of the characters have to pretend like they never seen their siblings corpse and they know that their mother is watching any change in their behavior. Something that increases this intensity is a time crunch because they have two months to find a way to escape the farm before another child is shipped to the demons.

The Shocked Look of Emma

The main theme of this episode is about understanding your obstacles before you make a move. In the case of these characters, one wrong move means death for them. This episode is just the beginning of their game of tag.



Emma & Norman Attempting to Cross the ForestThe art and animation is great even though the lighting is mostly gray and blue in this episode. It is cloudy and rainy throughout every scene of this episode. I did not notice the bad weather in the manga, whereas the anime makes the rainy weather more apparent. There was a nightmare sequence of Conny being served on a table with fruit and wine, and the animation was presented well even though it was disturbing.

They also brought 4 new OST’s into this episode. Only one of those OST’s stood out to me the most, and it kind of exposed the madness in one of the characters. Something else I noticed was the ticking sound of a grandfather clock at the beginning of the episode and then towards the end of episode, which is telling the audience that time is of the essence for these characters. The last thing I want to say is that the voice acting was amazing, and it helped when a couple of characters had to play possum around Isabella who is now considered an enemy.


The Promised Neverland Anime Episode 2 – Final Thoughts

Isabella Is an Obstacle for the Main Three Characters at Grace Field HouseI like how this episode was less colorful than the last episode, and that further shows how much reality has kicked in for some of these characters. The characters now have to make quick and decisive actions around a watchful eye if they want to be able to escape this death trap. This episode also makes you wonder what is outside of the farm and what dangers the characters may be running into if they do escape. The suspense was always the best part of the manga, and I can quickly tell that the enemy has done it better.

This episode may be as slow watch, but it keeps you at the edge of your seat. Each of the characters have their own ideals that conflict with each other and may still find a way to work it out. The tone at times was intense, suspenseful, and downright creepy. I like the themes of learning everything about your enemy before acting and how every second counts in a deadly situation. And the cinematography slightly went above and beyond as opposed to the manga in this episode, even though it was slightly devoid of color.

Based on my analysis, I give this episode a score of 9/10.

Let me know if you have anything to say about this review or the episode down in the comment section below.

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