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A Great Week of a Couple Anime Series Season Finales – 2019’s Weekly Anime Bundle Review #7

In this anime bundle review, I will give my thoughts and rank from each anime episode that was released between March 24 and March 28. Only two anime series in this anime bundle review will have a season finale or series finale from the past week.

The anime series I am reviewing such as Dororo and The Rising of the Shield Hero still have many more episodes that will continue all throughout spring. Though, Mob Psycho 100 II has one more episode left, while Boogiepop and Others as well as The Promised Neverland have reached their final episode from the past week. So let’s get into the review of the episodes down in the following paragraphs below.


#1 Mob Psycho 100 II Episode 12

Once Shigeo gets Serizawa to turn over a new leaf and out of the control of Suzuki, Shigeo tries talking to Suzuki to stop his madness, but words don’t change the dark path he’s walking down. Shigeo and Serizawa learn that they are a lot alike, and Suzuki’s actions may have pushed Shigeo to forcibly handle this situation since words alone do not work.

This episode had some depressing moments, it kept me in suspense, the action and conflicting character ideals presented a lot of tension, and surprisingly there was not much comedy. The theme of this episode is that you always need friends or anyone to support you in order to move forward towards the future.

Also, I like how psychic energy would get absorbed into someone like strips of ribbon, it was cool to see the sky turn red from two powerful esper users clashing, and the voice acting was great such as how Serizawa’s tone in voice would change to a high pitch screech from his freak outs.


#2 The Promised Neverland Episode 12

In the season finale, the children of Grace Field House make their daring escape out of the farm, but it may not have been the escape they wanted. Certain characters have to make some hard decisions, things got revealed to important characters, and we get a much clearer background on Isabella.

The episode was powerfully emotional and dramatic while still maintaining suspense. There are a few themes in this episode such as quitting never being an option and that there are always multiple solutions to a problem. The art and animation was beautiful such as the montage sequence of Isabella’s life growing up, and the music was brilliant such as a character playing an instrument or humming a tune matching the soundtrack in a certain scene.


#3 The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 12

Naofumi’s party and the other three Cardinal Heroes are no match for the mysterious enemy known as Glass, but they are lucky to escape thanks to the Waves time limit being up. Glass seems to believe that the Shield Hero is a worthy opponent for her, tensions between Naofumi and King Aultcray get worse, and Princess Melty is not in the greatest position and her life may be in danger.

In the beginning of the episode, things were very serious for our heroes because they were tossed into an actual life or death situation. The rest of the episode continued more drama between characters. One theme I noticed in this episode is that certain people may try to bring you down, but not every single person is out to get you. The art and animation was just as great if not better than last week’s episode, and I like the creepy soundtrack they used for the character Glass.


#4 Boogiepop and Others Episode 18

In the season (or series) finale, Niitoki breaks through her own distortion and assist Boogiepop in ending this charade once and for all involving the King of Distortion. The King of Distortion’s identity gets revealed, Niitoki and Boogiepop seem to be the main heroes, and everyone else get a fair conclusion to their side of the story.

This episode was suspenseful and so philosophical that you needed to pay close attention. Certain audiences may find the ending to be a work of art, while others may find it anticlimactic. The only theme I like from this episode is that sometimes you have to take care of yourself first before worrying about others. The art and animation was perfect such as Shirou falling from the sky with the wind rustling his hair and clothing, and the music was better than last week’s episode, especially when the song Die Meistersinger Von Nurnbern.


#5 Dororo Episode 12

Hyakkimaru has a reunion with his father, but it’s not a friendly reunion as it creates conflict with family on top of a battle occurring between two clans, and the Banmon monster still seems to be a menace. After Tahomaru learns his parents secret, he has to make a tough decision which to me should really be a no-brainer, and it’s unknown how Hyakkimaru will be affected mentally in the future by the treatment he received from his family.

This episode was dark, depressing, full of tension, and has a bittersweet ending. The theme of this episode is that family bonds don’t need to be formed by blood relation, but instead by those who what each other’s back.

There was some good art and animation such as the haunting imagery of the deformed Hyakkimaru as a baby from Daigo’s reunion with him, the voice actor for Hyakkimaru does a really good job slowly developing the character’s speech patterns, and the music soundtrack is not always the best in this series but it works well in this episode.

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