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A Dynamic Group is Born – Goblin Slayer Episode 4 Review

Ep-4 – Creations of the Gods

During October 28, 2018, Goblin Slayer was released on Japanese television as well as having a Crunchyroll simulcast with subtitles. In this episode, it seems like Goblin Slayer has finally formed a dynamic group to help give him support. I also believe that this dynamic group will slightly get him out of the darkness and move him more towards the light.

The thing I like most about this episode is the plot and the characters, especially the dynamic group working with Goblin Slayer. But I will say the animation & sound was great, and the tone & themes were executed appropriately. So I will explain all these elements and what I thought about this episode in more detail of my review here.


Goblin Slayer and the gang go to an ancient shrine to slay some ugly goblins hanging out in the shrine. After slaying all the mischievous goblins, the group get into an epic boss battle fight with the leader of the goblins.

Character Setup

The three new characters get to show off their special combating techniques, although, we already saw the high elf archers’ skills at the end of episode 3. Ep-4 – The Goblin Slayer Group

It was interesting how the lizard priest used conjuring magic to send people to safety or he could use it in battle. And the dwarf shaman can use special magic to make enemies lose balance of their surroundings. The dwarf shamans’ abilities work even more effectively when combined with the priestess ability to incapacitate enemies.

I noticed that the priestess has grown as a character because she doesn’t hesitate when standing up against a powerful opponent, and her magic is much stronger than it used to be.

The mission that this group participated on took its toll on everyone, especially on the high elf archer. She never expected that this adventure would be no fun for her, and she believes that adventurers should enjoy themselves on adventures.

This episode also showed why Goblin Slayer is a silver rank adventurer because he was able to adapt and fight a powerful creature that was not a goblin. He was able to coordinate the group very effectively in order to defeat an enemy.

Tone & Themes

Ep-4 – High Elf Archer AnnoyedAt the beginning of this episode there was a hilarious moment between Goblin Slayer and the high elf archer because she hesitated to do something so the goblins would not notice her.

The tone gets dark when the group finds a room full of goblin waste as well as a chained up elf (not the high elf archer). It gets really tense when the priestess is worried that Goblin Slayer may kill the elf, but she finds out that he wasn’t going to do such a thing.

After finding the tortured elf, the tone remained dark throughout the rest of the groups’ search slaying goblins in the shrine. The group then gets into an intense battle with the leader of the goblins, and it was a bad ass moment when Goblin Slayer defeated the monster.

A theme I noticed in this episode is that you need comrades or friends to support you with something and you should not do everything on your own. Another theme I noticed is that you can’t remain brooding all the time and you need to learn how to have fun.

Animation & Sound

The animation was nearly flawless for the entire episode. Notice how I said nearly flawless, and that’s because of the CG animation. But the CG animation is something I will tolerate because the rest of the animation was perfect.Ep-4 – Goblin Slayer Kills Ogre

How the lizard priest summons a dragon-tooth skeleton was so dramatic from the way he uses a couple of bones and dust to form the creature. When the dwarf shaman was casting a spell on a group of goblins, the atmosphere around the goblins was changing into all sorts of rainbow-like colors.

The choreography of the high elf archer running around shooting arrows like Legolas was pretty cool. And the priestess using her magic to protect the group against a powerful fireball had some epic animation. But what had more epic animation and music was when Goblin Slayer used a magic scroll to completely obliterate the leader of the goblins.

Goblin Slayer Ep. 4 – Final Thoughts

Ep-4 – Goblin Slayer WalkingThis episode of Goblin Slayer is the best so far. I mostly like the epic fight with the ogre at the end of the episode. But seeing Goblin Slayer developing a relationship with a diverse group of characters was also interesting to me.

The plot of this episode is much better than the last three episodes. I like how each character was having their own type of development and the animation was great, except I could have done without the CG animation. The tone was dark, but there were still hopeful themes such as getting support from others and actually have some fun whenever possible.

Well, I score this episode an 8.5 out of 10, and that ends my review.

Please send any comments you have about this review or the episode if you have watched it.



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